Gendered Lives

Global Issues

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Table of contents

Textbook Learning Objectives
Note to Instructors

Part I: Introduction

1. Key Concepts
Katie Nelson and Nadine T. Fernandez

PROFILE: Save the Girl Child Movement
Nolwazi Ncube

2. Key Perspectives
Nadine T. Fernandez and Katie Nelson

Part II: South Asia

3. South Asia: Introducing the Region
Ina Goel

PROFILE: Blank Noise: Street Actions and Digital Interventions against Street Sexual Harassment in India
Hemangini Gupta

PROFILE: Vietnam Women's Shelter: Contradictions and Complexities
Lynn Kwiatkowski

4. Controlling National Borders by Controlling Reproduction: Gender, Nationalism, and Nepal's Citizenship Laws
Dannah Dennis and Abha Lal

5. Understanding Caste and Kinship within Hijras, a "Third" Gender Community in India
Ina Goel

6. The "City" and "The Easy Life": Work and Gender among Sherpa in Nepal
Alba Castellsagué and Silvia Carrasco

Part III: Latin America

7. Latin America: Introducing the Region
Serena Cosgrove and Ana Marina Tzul Tzul

PROFILE: The Guatemalan Women's Group: Supporting Survivors of Gender-Based Violence
Serena Cosgrove and Ana Marina Tzul Tzul

8. Being a Good Mexican Man by Embracing "Erectile Dysfunction"
Emily Wentzell

9. Intersectionality and Normative Masculinity in Northeast Brazil
Melanie A. Medeiros

10. Mexico's Antipoverty Program Oportunidades and the Shifting Dynamics of Citizenship for Ñuu Savi (Mixtec) Village Women
Holly Dygert

11. Q'eqchi'-Maya Women: Memory, Markets, and Multilevel Marketing in Guatemala
S. Ashley Kistler

Part IV: The Caribbean

12. The Caribbean: Introducing the Region
Nadine T. Fernandez

13. Quinceañeras: Girls' Coming-of-Age Parties in Contemporary Havana, Cuba
Heidi Härkönen

14. Jamaican Realities of Masculinities and Sexualities: Where Have We Come Since Michel Foucault?
Natasha Kay Mortley and Keino T. Senior

Part V: The Global North (North America and Europe)

15. The Global North: Introducing the Region
Lara Braff and Katie Nelson

PROFILE: Indian Rights for Indian Women: Kathleen Steinhauer, an Indigenous Activist in Canada
Sarah L. Quick

16. Mothers Acting Up Online
Susan W. Tratner

17. Male Sex Work in Canada: Intersections of Gender and Sexuality
Nathan Dawthorne

18. Intersectionality and Muslim Women in Belgium
Elsa Mescoli

19. Fatherhood and Family Relations in Transnational Migration from Mezcala, Mexico
Elizabeth Perez Marquez


A gender studies textbook that takes an anthropological approach.


Gendered Lives takes a regional approach to examine gender issues from an anthropological perspective with a focus on globalization and intersectionality. Chapters present contributors' ethnographic research, contextualizing their findings within four geographic regions: Latin America, the Caribbean, South Asia, and the Global North. Each regional section begins with an overview of the broader historical, social, and gendered contexts, which situate the regions within larger global linkages. These introductions also feature short project/people profiles that highlight the work of community leaders or non-governmental organizations active in gender-related issues. Each research-based chapter begins with a chapter overview and learning objectives and closes with discussion questions and resources for further exploration. This modular, regional approach allows instructors to select the regions and cases they want to use in their courses. While they can be used separately, the chapters are connected through the book's central themes of globalization and intersectionality.

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Nadine T. Fernandez is Professor of Anthropology at the State University of New York Empire State College. She is the coeditor (with Christian Groes) of Intimate Mobilities: Sexual Economies, Marriage and Migration in a Disparate World. Katie Nelson is Instructor of Anthropology at Inver Hills Community College. She is the coeditor (with Beth Shook, Kelsie Aguilera, and Lara Braff) of Explorations: An Open Invitation to Biological Anthropology.


"…a great addition to open access teaching materials for courses related to gender … The thoughtful and consistent focus on globalization and intersectionality helps students see gender in the context of global connections and challenges them to consider different perspectives." — Teaching and Learning Anthropology Journal