Governing New York State, Sixth Edition

Edited by Robert F. Pecorella & Jeffrey M. Stonecash

Subjects: New York State Government, State And Local Politics, Political Science
Paperback : 9781438444727, 344 pages, December 2012
Hardcover : 9781438444734, 344 pages, December 2012

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Table of contents

Part I. Political Conflict
1. Regional Political conflict in New York State
Robert F. Pecorella
2. Political Conflict and Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations
Donald J. Boyd and Lucy Dadayan
Part II. Representing Concerns
3. Political Parties and Elections
Alicen R. Morley and Jeffery M. Stonecash
4. Interest Groups and Lobbying
Rogan T. Kersch
Part III. Political Institutions and Decision-Making
Overview: State Government Institutions
Gerald Benjamin

5. New York’s Governorship “Restored”
Gerald Benjamin and Elizabeth Benjamin
6. The Legislature, Parties and Resolving Conflict
Daniel W. Sterns and Jeffery M. Stonecash
7. New York’s Courts
Brian J. Nickerson
8. Other Governments: The Public Authorities
Keith M. Henderson
Part IV. Public Policy
9. The Policy Debate: The Economy, Taxes and Public Program
Rebecca Halsey

10. State Education Aid in New York in the Wake of Campaign for Fiscal Equity Decision
William Duncombe and Robert F. Pecorella
11. Health Policy in the Empire State: Trying to Put The Brakes on Escalating Costs While Maintaining Access
Jeffrey Kraus

12. Welfare Policy in New York State
Cathy M. Johnson and Thomas L. Gaid
13. Additional Sources on New York Politics

Comprehensive overview of New York State’s politics, political institutions, and major public policies.


New York contains greater diversity than almost any other state. This diversity creates extensive social and political conflict within the state. Governing New York State, Sixth Edition provides expert assessment of how these conflicts are organized and represented, and how the political process and political institutions work in an effort to resolve them. Contributors explore the role of political parties and interest groups in representing these concerns. They also review the nature of the legislature, the governor, the courts, and public authorities as well as how these institutions play a role in making decisions. Finally, the impact of politics is analyzed for the policy areas of intergovernmental fiscal relations, welfare, health, and local education. The sixth edition of Governing New York State provides an excellent summary of the political process and most of the major policy controversies in the state.

Robert F. Pecorella is Associate Professor of Government at St. John's University and the author of Community Power in a Postreform City: Politics in New York City. Jeffrey M. Stonecash is Maxwell Professor of Political Science at Syracuse University and the author of Political Polling: Strategic Information in Campaigns.


"This is a more than adequate book for college students interested in the government and politics of New York State … The areas of intergovernmental relations and regional differences, so often ignored in such books, are well covered. " — CHOICE

"This is an interesting book for those who like to know how state governments operate, especially in a diverse state like New York, and the role that demographics play. " — Portland Book Review

Praise for the previous editions

"This book provides the reader with informed perspectives on New York State government and politics. It will be useful to students as well as the citizens of New York and beyond. " — Peter J. Galie, author of Ordered Liberty: A Constitutional History of New York

"The most up-to-date and comprehensive survey of government and politics in the State of New York. " — Howard A. Scarrow, author of Parties, Elections, and Representation in the State of New York