Horizons of Difference

Rethinking Space, Place, and Identity with Irigaray

Edited by Ruthanne Crapo Kim, Yvette Russell, and Brenda Sharp

Subjects: Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Women In Religion, Women's Studies, Gender Studies
Series: SUNY series in Gender Theory
Hardcover : 9781438488455, 352 pages, July 2022
Paperback : 9781438488462, 352 pages, January 2023

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Table of contents

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List of Abbreviations: Works by Irigaray

Ruthanne Crapo Kim, Yvette Russell, and Brenda Sharp

Part I: Trans Identities and Sexual Violence

1. Tarrying with Sexual Difference: Toward a Morphological Ontology of Trans Subjectivity
Athena V. Colman

2. Rethinking Feminist Resistance to Rape: Irigaray and Erotic Transformation
Yvette Russell

Part II: Sexuate Ontology

3. The Conditions of Emergence: Irigaray, Primordial Wombs, and the Origins of Cellular Life
Annu Dahiya

4. Irigaray's Extendable Matrix: Cosmic Expansion-Contraction and Black Hole Umbilical Cords
M. D. Murtagh

5. Irigarayan Ontology and the Possibilities of Sexual Difference
James Sares

Part III: Divine Women

6. A Theology of Lips: Beyond the Wounding of Desire
Wesley N. Barker

7. Hailing Divine Women in Godard's Hail Mary and Miéville's The Book of Mary
Tessa Ashlin Nunn

Part IV: Rethinking Race and Sexual Difference

8. White Supremacist Miscegenation: Irigaray at the Intersection of Race, Sexuality, and Patriarchy
Sabrina L. Hom

9. Justice in an Unjust World: The Politics of Narration in Luce Irigaray and Frank Miller's Sin City
Mary C. Rawlinson

Part V: Environments of Relational Difference

10. Artificial Life, Autopoiesis, and Breath: Irigaray with Ecological Feminism and Deep Ecology
Ruthanne Crapo Kim

11. She Speaks in Threes: Irigaray, at the Threshold between Phenomenology and Speculative Realism in Teaching Architecture
Michael Lucas

12. Commonality in Breath: Reading Northern Ireland's "Peace Process" through the Material Ontologies of Irigaray and Manning
Ciara Merrick

Notes on Contributors

Edited collection engaging Luce Irigaray's work and pushing it in important new directions.


Horizons of Difference offers twelve original essays inspired by Luce Irigaray's complex, nuanced critique of Western philosophy, culture, and metaphysics, and her call to rethink our relationship to ourselves and the world through sexuate difference. Contributors engage urgent topics in a range of fields, including trans feminist theory, feminist legal theory, film studies, critical race theory, social-political theory, philosophy of religion, environmental ethics, philosophical aesthetics, and critical pedagogy. In so doing, they aim to push the scope of Irigaray's work beyond its horizon. Horizons of Difference seeks conversations that Irigaray herself has yet to fully consider and explores areas that stretch the limits of the notion of sexuate difference itself. Sexuate difference is a unifying mode of thought, bringing disparate disciplines and groups together. Yet it also resists unification in demanding that we continually rethink the basic coordinates of space, place, and identity. Ultimately, Horizons of Difference insists that the fragmented, wounded subjectivities within the dominant regime of masculine sameness can inform how we negotiate space, find place, and transform identity.

Ruthanne Crapo Kim teaches philosophy at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Yvette Russell is Associate Professor of Law and Feminist Theory at the University of Bristol Law School in England. Brenda Sharp is a doctoral student in moral philosophy at the University of Winchester in England.


"With great diversity of contributions, this volume demonstrates that Irigaray's thought and writing maintain currency and can be pressed beyond themselves to engage with crucial matters of individual and societal import." — Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo, author of In-Between Bodies: Sexual Difference, Race, and Sexuality