Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area

Heritage Site Guidebook, Second Edition

By Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area

Subjects: New York/regional
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9780997152753, 128 pages, August 2016

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Table of contents

About the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area
How to Use This Guidebook
Areas of Interest
Site Amenities
National Park Service Passport Program

Heritage Site Listings (South to North)
Lower Hudson Region
Middle Hudson Region
Upper Hudson Region

Index by Interests
Art, Artists, and the Hudson River School
Corridor of Commerce
Freedom and Dignity
Landscapes and Gardens
Revolutionary War

Index by Name

New for 2016, a completely updated guide to the Heritage Sites of the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area.


Traveling down the Hudson River, named by Native Americans the river that flows both ways, you discover people, places, and events that made American history. The cultural, historic, and scenic resources of the Hudson Valley are so numerous, so varied, and so compelling that it's no wonder Congress recognized the Hudson River Valley as a National Heritage Area in 1996. The National Park Service called the region the "landscape that defined America" and characterized the valley as "an exceptionally scenic landscape that has provided the setting and inspiration for new currents of American thought, art, and history. " Its political importance was demonstrated early in our history when the river played a critical role in the Revolutionary War. The many streams and waterfalls of the tributaries of the Hudson River powered early sawmills and gristmills. The river and its landscapes inspired the Hudson River school of painters. Sublime and picturesque paintings by Thomas Cole, Frederic Church, and Asher Durand depicted this unique American landscape for the world to witness. Industrialists and commercial leaders like William and John D. Rockefeller, Frederick Vanderbilt, J. P. Morgan, and Ogden Mills built their great estates along the Hudson River.

The second edition includes completely updated user-friendly design and vibrant photography; heritage site pages that include brief descriptions, contact information, and accessibility site characteristics; and National Park Service Passport Stamp locations with new cancellation stamp pages for your collection.

Heritage sites in this guidebook are associated with areas of interest and categorized as must see, best bet, or special interest to make it easy to explore the stories of the Hudson River Valley. Heritage sites are also organized by geography and proximity to make it easy to find heritage sites nearby.