Human Being in Depth

A Scientific Approach to Religion

By Swami Ranganathananda
Edited by Elva Linnea Nelson

Subjects: Philosophy
Paperback : 9780791406809, 159 pages, September 1991
Hardcover : 9780791406793, 159 pages, October 1991

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Human Being in Depth: Science and Religion

Faith and Reason in Our Scientific Age

Human Being in Depth: Consciousness Itself



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This book shows that science and religion should not be antagonistic since both relate to each other in the search for unity and truth. Swami Ranganathananda believes that the modern age demands the meeting of the challenges of life with an adequate philosophy. That adequacy can be ensured only if the philosophy achieves a happy synthesis between the physical sciences and spirituality. This is the specialty of Vedanta.

Human Being in Depth illustrates the kinship between Vedanta and modern science. Religion expounded as a verified and verifiable science has a message for all humanity: that spiritual life is a fact, that the consciousness within man is a spark of divinity, and that this same divine consciousness pervades nature and the universe of physics.

Vedanta, with its various yoga disciplines, has been explored by the author in its role in mental and spiritual development.

Swami Ranganathananda, a resident of the Ramakrishna Math in Domalguda, Hyderabad, India, is a Vice President of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission, a world-wide organization located in Calcutta, India. He is the author of The Christ We Adore, Human Values in Management, The Meeting of East and West in Swami Vivekananda, Divine Grace, The Message of the Upanishads, and a four-volume collection of his writings, Eternal Values for a Changing Society. Swami Ranganathananda has been Secretary of the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Director of its School of Humanistic and Cultural Studies, and editor of its monthly journal. In 1986 he became the first recipient of the Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration. Janet A. Walker is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at Rutgers University.