Interactive Technologies and the Social Studies

Emerging Issues and Applications

Edited by Peter H. Martorella

Subjects: Education
Series: SUNY series, Theory, Research, and Practice in Social Education
Paperback : 9780791431405, 134 pages, November 1996
Hardcover : 9780791431399, 134 pages, November 1996

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Table of contents

Peter H. Martorella

1. Online Learning Communities: Implications for the Social Studies
Lynn A. Fontana

2. Bringing Preservice Teachers Online
Charles S. White

3. Multimedia in a Visual Society
Peter H. Martorella

4. Technology and the Darkside: Hate Online
Milton Kleg

5. Information Technology and Civic Education
Richard A. Diem

6. Knowledge-Based Learning Environments: A Vision for the Twenty-First Century
Patrick J. FitzGerald and James C. Lester

List of Contributors


Provides a comprehensive guide to and analysis of the expanding role of technology in the social studies curriculum and classroom.


An original analysis of the expanding and evolving role of technology in the social studies curriculum, Interactive Technologies and the Social Studies fills a significant void in the existing literature.

The contributors come from diverse backgrounds with specializations embracing the areas of social studies education, software development, computer science, and visual design. A common fundamental interest binds them together—the development and application of emerging technologies that can be used to enrich and enliven social studies instruction.

Addressed are the creative applications of emerging interactive technologies that are computer-based, such as distance learning, the Internet, interactive multimedia, and intelligent tutors, as well as the social and practical issues they have spawned. Simultaneously, the authors nest their analyses within the context of the key question: How can technology contribute to the development of effective citizens?

Peter H. Martorella is Professor of Social Studies Education at North Carolina State University. He is the editor of the SUNY Press publication series, Theory, Research, and Practice in Social Education. Among his many books are Teaching Social Studies in Middle and Secondary Schools and Social Studies for Elementary School Children: Developing Young Citizens.


"The issues dealt with in this book are important to both social studies educators and to people interested in educational uses of technology. I like the concrete examples, the references to national guidelines and standards in the social studies, the currency of material about the Internet, and the concern with teaching about controversial issues—especially concerning use of the Internet. " — Barbara B. Levin, University of North Carolina at Greensboro