Interstate Economic Relations

By Joseph F. Zimmerman

Subjects: State And Local Politics, Political Science, Economic History
Paperback : 9780791461600, 322 pages, January 2013
Hardcover : 9780791461594, 322 pages, August 2004

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1. Interstate Economic Relations

2. Constitutional Economic Relations Rules

3. Congress and Interstate Economic Relations

4. Judicial Ground Rules

5. Interstate Trade Barriers

6. Interstate Tax Revenue Competition

7. Competition for Business Firms, Sports Franchises, Tourists, and Gamblers

8. Interstate Economic Cooperation

9. A More Perfect Economic Union




A comprehensive look at the economic relations among states, and how they might be better optimized.


In this groundbreaking volume, Joseph F. Zimmerman examines interstate economic relations. He explores the history of congressional and judicial ground rules governing such relations, direct and indirect interstate trade barriers and means of their removal, and interstate competition for tax revenues, business firms, sports franchises, tourists, and gamblers. He also covers the significant roles played by interstate compacts, federal-interstate compacts, and interstate administrative agreements. Recognizing the importance of harmonious interstate economic relations in promoting economic development, Zimmerman offers specific recommendations to Congress, the president, and state governments for strengthening the economic union.

Joseph F. Zimmerman is Professor of Political Science at the University at Albany, State University of New York, and the author of many books, including Interstate Cooperation: Compacts and Administrative Agreements.