Interventions in Ethics

Edited by D. Z. Phillips

Subjects: Ethics
Series: SUNY series in Ethical Theory
Paperback : 9780791409961, 301 pages, August 1992
Hardcover : 9780791409954, 301 pages, August 1992

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Table of contents



1. On Morality's Having a Point (with H. O. Mounce)

2. Moral Practices and Anscombe's Grocer

3. The Possibilities of Moral Advice

4. Allegiance and Change in Morality: A Study in Contrasts

5. After Virtue?

6. The Presumption of Theory

7. What Can We Expect From Ethics?

8. Not in Front of the Children: Children and the Heterogeneity of Morals

9. Does It Pay To Be Good?

10. In Search of the Moral 'Must': Mrs Foot's Fugitive Thought

11. Do Moral Considerations Override Others?

12. An Argument From Extreme Cases?

13. Morality and Purpose

14. How Lucky Can You Get?

15. Some Limits to Moral Endeavour

16. Self-Knowledge and Pessimism

17. My Neighbour and My Neighbours

18. Philosophy and the Heterogeneity of the Human

19. Necessary Rewards, Necessary Punishments and Character



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There is a growing need for interventions in ethics to counteract the tendency to generalize about moral issues. This book contains essays, written between 1965 and 1990, which focus on the need to explore such issues as the nature of moral endeavor, the request for a justification of moral endeavor; the appeal to human flourishing; the nature of the good life; the nature of moral change; and moral relativity. The author argues his case in relation to the work of contemporary philosophers including G. E.M. Anscombe, Annette Baier, Max Black, Cora Diamond, Ilham Dilman, Philippa Foot; Thomas Nagel, Alasdair MacIntyre, Bernard Williams, and Peter Winch.

D. Z. Phillips is Professor Philosophy at the University College of Swansea. He is the author of The Concept of Prayer; Death and Immortality; Faith and Philosophical Enquiry (with H. O. Mounce); Sense and Delusion (with Ilham Dilman); Athronyddu am Grefydd; Religion Without Explanation, Through a Darkening Glass; Dramau Gwenlyn Parry; Belief, Change and Forms of Life; R. S. Thomas: Poet of the Hidden God; Faith after Foundationalism, and From Fantasy to Faith. He is editor of Swansea Studies in Philosophy.