Issues in Evolutionary Epistemology

Edited by Kai Hahlweg & C. A. Hooker

Subjects: Evolution
Series: SUNY series in Philosophy and Biology
Paperback : 9780791400135, 616 pages, November 1989
Hardcover : 9780791400128, 616 pages, November 1989

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Table of contents



Kai Hahlweg and C. A. Hooker

I: New Approaches to Evolutionary Epistemology

1. Evolutionary Epistemology and Philosophy of Science

Kai Hahlweg and C. A. Hooker

2. Self-organization: A New Approach to Evolutionary Epistemology

Wolfgang Krohn and Günter Küppers

3. A Genotype-Phenotype Model for the Growth of Theories and the Selection Cycle in Science

Aharon Kantorovich

4. The View from Somewhere: A Critical Defense of Evolutionary Epistemology

Michael Ruse

II: Enlarging the Scope: New Applications of Evolutionary Epistemology

5. Extending Evolutionary Epistemology to "Justifying" Scientific Beliefs (A Sociological Rapprochement with a Fallibilist Perceptual Foundationalism?)

Donald T. Campbell and Bonnie T. Paller

6. Somatic Evolution and Cultural Form

Bernd Baldus

7. Taking Darwin Even More Seriously

Peter Munz

8. Evolution of the Knowledge of Knowledge from the Perspective of the Ecology of Knowledge

Jerzy A. Wojciechowski

9. Evolution of the Steam Engine

C. Brian Cragg

10. A Model of End-Directedness

Patrick J. Ward

III: Critical Evaluations

11. Evolutionary Epistemology as Naturalized Epistemology

Michael Bradie

12. The Trials and Tribulations of Selectionist Explanations

Ron Amundson

13. An Evolutionary Perspective on the Re-emergence of Cell Biology

William Bechtel

14. Evolutionary Explanation and the Justification of Belief

F. John Clendinnen

15. Science as Part of Nature

Gonzalo Munevar

16. From Physics to Biology: Rationality in Popper's Conception of Evolutionary Epistemology

Geoff Stokes

17. Stephen Toulmin's Theory of Conceptual Evolution

Struan Jacobs

IV: Evolutionary Epistemology and the Nature of Mind

18. Evolution, Epistemology and Visual Science

C. U. M. Smith

19. The Physical Manifestation of Empirical Knowledge

J. N. Hattiangadi

20. Intentional Parallelism and the Two-Level Structure of Evolutionary Theory

Mohan Matthen

21. Popper, Natural Selection and Epiphenomenalism

Daniel Shaw




This book provides the fullest philosophical examination of theories of evolutionary epistemology now available. Here for the first time are found major statements of new theories, new applications, and many new critical explorations.

The book is divided into four parts: Part I introduces several new approaches to evolutionary epistemology; Part II attempts to widen the scope of evolutionary epistemology, either by tackling more traditional epistemological issues, or by applying evolutionary models to new areas of inquiry such as the evolution of culture or of intentionality; Part III critically discusses specific problems in evolutionary epistemology; and Part IV deals with the relationship of evolutionary epistemology to the philosophy of mind.

Because of its intellectual depth and its breadth of coverage, Issues in Evolutionary Epistemology will be an important text in the field for many years to come.

Kai Hahlweg is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Bond University, Queensland. C. A. Hooker is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales. Dr. Hooker is the author of A Realistic Theory of Science, also published by SUNY Press.