Kant's Aesthetic

By Mary A. McCloskey

Subjects: Philosophy
Paperback : 9780887064234, 184 pages, July 1987
Hardcover : 9780887064241, 184 pages, July 1987

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Table of contents


1. Introduction
2. Kant's Methodology and Presuppositions
3. Pleasure
4. The Analytic of the Beautiful - Preliminaries
5. The First Moment - Disinterested Pleasure
6. The Aesthetic Attitude?
7. The Second and Fourth Moments - Communicable Pleasures
8. The Third Moment - The Form of Finality
9. The Deduction
10. The Sublime
11. Fine Art
12. Exemplars of Fine Art and Genius
13. Exemplars of Fine Art and Taste
14. The Strengths of Kant's Philosophy of Art
15. The Importance of Aesthetics

Notes and References


This book presents an integrated interpretation and appraisal of Kant's mature aesthetic. The writer draws readers into the realization of what is important and enduring in the Critique of Aesthetic Judgment by taking up the issues Kant raises and relating them to contemporary themes in aesthetics. Those parts of Kant's theory that raise issues engaging contemporary discussion and debate, such as the role of pleasure, the tenability of the aesthetic attitude, the justification of claims to interpersonal agreement in aesthetic judgment in and the relation of beauty to excellence in art are given special emphasis and subjected to careful scrutiny.

Mary A. McCloskey is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Melbourne.