Land of the Oneidas

Central New York State and the Creation of America, from Prehistory to the Present

By Daniel Koch

Subjects: New York/regional, American History, Indigenous Studies
Hardcover : 9781438492698, 362 pages, April 2023
Paperback : 9781438492711, 362 pages, October 2023

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Table of contents

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1. Origins, The Ice Age to 1635

2. The Age of the French, 1635–1763

3. Rebellion, 1763–1784

4. Removal, 1784–1835

5. Reckoning, 1835–1865

6. Consummation, 1865–1917

7. Boom and Rust, 1917–2000

Epilogue: 2000–2023

Presents the history of central New York State from the Ice Age to the present day.


The central part of New York State, the homeland of the Oneida Haudenosaunee people, helped shape American history. This book tells the story of the land and the people who made their homes there from its earliest habitation to the present day. It examines this region's impact on the making of America, from its strategic importance in the Revolution and Early Republic to its symbolic significance now to a nation grappling with challenges rooted deep in its history. The book shows that in central New York—perhaps more than in any other region in the United States—the past has never remained neatly in the past. Land of the Oneidas is the first book in eighty years that tells the history of this region as it changed from century to century and into our own time.

Daniel Koch is Headmaster of Loughborough Grammar School in England. He is the author of Ralph Waldo Emerson in Europe: Class, Race, and Revolution in the Making of an American Thinker.


"I have never encountered an author who has so masterfully painted a canvas with the grand panorama of the history of this region . . . Land of the Oneidas will have a wide audience, especially among those interested in the history of New York State, regional and local history, and Native American history." — Milton C. Sernett, Professor Emeritus, African-American Studies and History, Syracuse University

"This book provides an up-to-date, comprehensive overview of this part of central New York, which has not been written so far. The land of the Oneidas contained the very strategic 'Gateway to the West' and therefore its history paved the way to America’s creation." — Harry Schüler, Museum of Natural History and Ethnology, Freiburg, Germany