Leo Strauss on Religion

Writings and Interpretations

Expected to ship: 2024-10-01

Intriguing unpublished manuscripts by Leo Strauss, which explore the intricate relationship between religion, philosophy, and politics, accompanied by fourteen interpretative essays.


Addressing the central theme of his work—the complex relationship between religion, philosophy, and politics—the twelve newly available transcripts included in Leo Strauss on Religion offer unprecedented insights into Leo Strauss's thoughts on previously unexplored subjects. Essential for both avid readers and newcomers, this collection unveils sharper formulations and frank discussions, providing a rare peek into the ambiguous aspects of Strauss's renowned reticence in formulating his ultimate thoughts. Accompanied by fourteen interpretative essays from distinguished scholars, this volume serves as a comprehensive guide to Strauss's intellectual odyssey. Offering fresh perspectives, these essays navigate the understudied aspects of Strauss's reflections on religion, putting his thought in a new perspective thereby enriching the scholarly debate around the controversial yet influential legacy of Leo Strauss.

Svetozar Y. Minkov is Professor of Philosophy at Roosevelt University and president of the Leo Strauss Foundation. He is author of Leo Strauss on Science: Thoughts on the Relation between Natural Science and Political Philosophy, also published by SUNY Press. Rasoul Namazi is Assistant Professor of Political Theory at Duke Kunshan University. He is author of Leo Strauss and Islamic Political Thought.


"This magisterial volume, combining long-awaited manuscripts by Strauss himself with commentary by a diverse and international group of scholars, represents a dramatic contribution to Strauss studies." — Jeffrey A. Bernstein, coeditor of Leo Strauss and Contemporary Thought: Reading Strauss Outside the Lines

"This volume adds a whole new dimension to our understanding of a theme central to Leo Strauss's philosophizing—the relation between religion and political philosophy. Combining unpublished writings by Strauss and interpretations of those writings, Leo Strauss on Religion constitutes a singular contribution to the study of one of the greatest philosophers of the modern era." — Peter J. Ahrensdorf, author of Homer and the Tradition of Political Philosophy: Encounters with Plato, Machiavelli, and Nietzsche