Letters of Louis D. Brandeis: Volume V, 1921-1941

Elder Statesman

By Louis D. Brandeis
Edited by Melvin I. Urofsky & David W. Levy

Subjects: Urban And Regional Planning
Paperback : 9781438450780, 770 pages, June 1978
Hardcover : 9780873953306, 770 pages, June 1978

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Note on Volume II

Chronology, 1907-1912

Key to Letter Source Citations

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Letters of Louis D. Brandeis, 1907-1912


Covers the later years of his life, closing with his death.


This volume, which opens after the great schism in the Zionist movement and closes with Brandeis's death, depicts him trying, in a variety of ways, to make the world a better place. Once again, the scope of his interests and the intensity of his involvement is astounding. He writes on Zionism, Palestine, the liberal press, economics, the University of Louisville, family affairs, Savings Bank Life Insurance, the Harvard Law School, unemployment compensation, prohibition enforcement, civil liberties, and much more. The book also includes a cumulative index to all five volumes that will make it easier for students and scholars to trace the various threads that were woven together in the quite remarkable life of this one man.