Lord of the Panther Skin

By Shota Rustaveli
Translated by R. H. Stevenson

Subjects: Literature
Paperback : 9781438451763, 240 pages, June 1977
Hardcover : 9780873953207, 240 pages, June 1977

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The Lord of the Panther-skin


Of Rostevan, the king of the Arabs

How King Rostevan and Avtandil went hunting

How the king of the Arabs saw the lord of the panther-skin

How Tinatin charged Avtandil with the quest for the stranger lord

How Avtandil wrote out a charge to his vassals

How Avtandil went in search of the stranger lord

How Avtandil told Asmat his story at the cave

How Tariel and Avtandil met

How Tariel told Avtandil his tale

How Tariel fell in love

Nestan-Darejan's first letter to her lover

How Tariel wrote to his lady

How Tariel sent a letter to the Cathayans

How Nestan summoned Tariel

How the Cathayan king sent Tariel his reply

How Tariel and Nestan held converse together

How Tariel rode to Cathay and fought a great battle there

How Tariel wrote to the king of the Indians, and how he returned home in triumph

How Nestan-Darejan wrote to her lover

How Tariel wept and swooned

How Tariel wrote in answer to his lady

How they took counsel concerning the marriage of Nestan-Darejan

How Tariel and Nestan-Darejan took counsel together and made a plan

How the Khvarizm-shah's son came to India to be married, and how Tariel killed him

How Tariel learned of the carrying-off of Nestan-Darejan

How Tariel met Nuradin-Pridon

How Tariel gave help to Pridon

How Tariel received word of Nestan-Darejan from Pridon

How Avtandil returned to Arabia

How Avtandil dispatched a request to King Rostevan, and how the vizier gave utterance

How Avtandil talked with Shermadin

How Avtandil wrote a testament for the eyes of King Rostevan

How Avtandil prayed

How King Rostevan learned of Avtandil's flight

How Avtandil set out to rejoin Tariel

How Avtandil found Tariel lying in a swoon

How Tariel told of the killing of the lion and the panther

How Tariel and Avtandil returned to the cave and found Asmat

How Avtandil set out for Pridon's city

How Avtandil journeyed to Pridon's city

How Avtandil departed from Pridon's realm to search for Nestan-Darejan, and how he met with a caravan

How Avtandil arrived in Gulansharo

How Fatima conceived a passion for Avtandil

How Fatima wrote Avtandil a love-letter

How Avtandil replied to Fatima

How Fatima told of Nestan-Darejan

How Fatima told Avtandil of the Kajes' capture of Nestan-Darejan

How Fatima wrote to Nestan-Darejan

How Nestan-Darejan wrote to Fatima

How Nestan-Darejan wrote to her lover

How Avtandil wrote to Pridon

How Avtandil departed from Gulansharo and returned to Tariel

How Tariel and Avtandil journeyed to Pridon's realm

How Nuradin-Pridon put forward a plan

How Avtandil put forward a plan

How Tariel put forward a plan

How Tariel went to meet the king of the Seas

How Pridon held a marriage festival for Tariel and Nestan-Darejan

How the three heroes went to Tariel's cave, and thence to Arabia

How the king of the Arabs held a marriage festival for Avtandil and Tinatin

How Tariel learned of the death of the king of the Indians

How Tariel arrived in India, and how the Cathayans made submission to him

How the marriage of Tariel and Nestan-Darejan was celebrated


Appendix A
Personal beauty and planetary imagery

Appendix B
"Generous" weeping and the demonstrative gesture


The Lord of the Panther-skin: A Georgian Perspective

A.G. Baramidze
Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Georgian S.S.R.


This classic medieval romance of chivalry by an outstanding figure in a brilliant period of Georgian literature has affinities with both the Persian tradition and that of the West.


"An enjoyable new translation of an interesting tale … Deserves to be better known." — Edebiyat

"The story is succinctly and dramatically told and shows up to advantage when compared with Western chivalrous parallels." — World Literature Today