Love Theory in Later Hanbalite Islam

By Joseph N. Bell

Subjects: Islam
Hardcover : 9780873952446, 294 pages, June 1979
Paperback : 9781438451787, 294 pages, March 2019

Table of contents



1.   Introduction

2.   Selection and Organization of Literary Material: Ibn Al Jawzi's Dhamm al-Hawa

3.   The Reaction to Ash'arism: Ibn Taymiya

4.   Divine Will and Love in the Theology of Ibn Taymiya

5.   Ibn Taymiya on Love Between God and Man

6.   Love in the Works of Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziya

7.   Affinity, Beneficence, and Beauty

8.   Glances, Gazing, and the Vision

9.   The Kinds and Stages of Love

10.   The Lingering Tradition: Mar' b. Yusuf's Munyat al-Muhibbin

11.   Epilogue: Nomos, Eros, and Thelema

Appendix: On Links with Romance Poetry  

Glossary of Arabic Terms