Low-Key Politics

Local-Level Leadership and Change in the Middle East

By Richard T. Antoun

Subjects: Politics
Paperback : 9781438451244, 285 pages, June 1979
Hardcover : 9780873953733, 285 pages, June 1979

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Chapter One Introduction to the Study and Its Conceptual Framework

Chapter Two The Social Structural Background of the Political Process: The Village and Clan as Movement and Machine

Chapter Three The Development of Criteria for Distinguishing Core and Support: Four Points of View

Chapter Four The Mayors: Strategy, Tactics, and Intercalary Leadership

Chapter Five The External Arena: Its Roles and Resources

Chapter Six Subversion, Confrontation, and Encounter: The Case For and Against Cyclical Change

Chapter Seven Individual Differences, Influence, and Leadership






Study of a Jordanian village, focusing on the choice of available political strategies.