Making the Public Service Millennial

Generational Diversity in Public Service

By Liza Ireni Saban, Maya Sherman, and Keren Shlomi

Subjects: Public Policy, Israel Studies, Political Science, Sociology, General Interest
Hardcover : 9781438490779, 224 pages, November 2022
Paperback : 9781438490786, 224 pages, September 2023

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Table of contents


1. Diversity Management

2. Generational Diversity—A Literature Overview

3. Theories and Measurement of Ethical Decision-Making

4. Antecedents of Ethical Judgments in the Public Service

5. Generational Diversity and Public Service Ethics in Israel


Examines how the new wave of Generation Y public service employees are affecting the dynamics of continuity and change in public management ethics.


Making the Public Service Millennial explores how a new generation of public service employees affects the dynamics of continuity and change in public management and ethics. The book begins with the premise that Generation Y poses new challenges for public management, which will lead to changes in work-related values, rules, structures, and behaviors in the public service system. Will the soon-future leaders of today's public organizations pose new challenges for public management? How will this cohort cope with ethically-questionable behaviors? Given these questions, the potential strategic value of an empirical, cohort-based approach to ethical decision-making in the public service suggests interesting managerial implications for the effective incorporation of ethics into the management of public organizations. With implications for many types of organizations, and particularly for public sector organizations in democratic societies, managers across organizations should view generational differences not merely as a demographic variable, but as manifestations of broader social trends that may undermine established public management practices and organizational climates.

Liza Ireni Saban is Assistant Professor of Public Policy at Reichman University (IDC). She is the author of Disaster Emergency Management: The Emergence of Professional Help Services for Victims of Natural Disasters and International Disaster Management Ethics, both also published by SUNY Press. Keren Shlomi is an independent scholar. Maya Sherman is an independent scholar.


"As a former public sector human resource director, a private sector human resource management consultant, and as an academic, I found Making the Public Service Millennial an exceptional read; it integrates and interweaves both the various facets of diversity and human resource management, and its related disciplines into a readable, practical, and informative text." — Rocky J. Dwyer, Walden University