Memory of Touch, For Love of the Other

By Tahseen Bea

Subjects: Literary Criticism
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781586842680, 211 pages, January 2008

Creates contexts for the body to interpret and reinterpret its experiences of touch.


The writing of Memory of Touch celebrates the touch of love as well as mourns of loss of that touch. On both levels, the writing creates contexts for the body to interpret and reinterpret its experiences of touch. The readers of Memory of Touch are on a journey, in which they witness the body on the one hand, melting in tears, dispersing in sighs, distraught with mourning, dying in loss. On the other hand, they also behold the body in its meditative, patient, forgiving postures that provide for a transformation of body and spirit.

Memory of Touch reaches out to those who have experienced displacement of land, language, culture, and kinship. This book addresses issues of homelessness without mentioning location or boundaries—it urges acceptance of the state of homelessness as home—to be anchored in a spiritual place within, yet one that is never enclosed. Not at home in any discipline of genre, this book embodies the lack of stability and orientation that wanderers experience

This work is for those who are acutely aware of their otherness—the fragility of their identities based on memories of past homes yet strong enough to let themselves be transformed in an ongoing present. The writing of Memory of Touch welcomes any reader who cares about poetry, thought, and spirit, who lives with the sense of the passing of time and the promise of love.