Methodology in Religious Studies

The Interface with Women's Studies

Edited by Arvind Sharma

Subjects: Women's Studies
Series: SUNY series, McGill Studies in the History of Religions, A Series Devoted to International Scholarship
Paperback : 9780791453483, 266 pages, September 2002
Hardcover : 9780791453476, 266 pages, September 2002

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Table of contents

Arvind Sharma

Katherine K. Young

1. Women's Studies and the History of Religions
David Kinsley

2. From the Phenomenology of Religion to Feminism and Women's Studies
Katherine K. Young

3. Feminist Issues and Methods in the Anthropology of Religion
Rita M. Gross

4. Feminist Research in the Sociology of Religion
Constance A. Jones

5. The Impact of Women's Studies on the Psychology of Religion: Feminist Critique, Gender Analysis, and the Inclusion of Women
Diane Jonte-Pace

6. Feminist Philosophy of Religion
Mary Ann Stenger

7. Methodologies in Women's Studies and Feminist Theology
Rosemary Radford Ruether

8. Method in Women's Studies in Religion: A Critical Feminist Hermeneutics
Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza

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Explores the impact of women's studies on methodology in religious studies.


Methodology in Religious Studies assesses the impact of women's studies on the various methods employed in studying religion. Since its inception in the 1860s, the study of religion as an academic discipline has evolved over time, ranging from the classically historical to the boldly hermeneutical. The women's studies movement has, since the 1980s, become part and parcel of the intellectual landscape of our times, and the study of religion has become increasingly influenced by it. What are the implications of this new development for the methodology of religious studies? Leading practitioners of psychological, theological, sociological, anthropological, phenomenological, historical, and hermeneutic approaches examine the mutually enriching interface between religious studies and women's studies, as they explore the broader issue of the interaction between method and the nature of the subject itself.

Arvind Sharma is Birks Professor of Comparative Religion at McGill University. He is the editor of Women Saints in World Religions and Women in World Religions and the coeditor (with Katherine K. Young) of Feminism and World Religions, all published by SUNY Press.


"It is fascinating to see how authors from quite diverse perspectives show us how feminist thought has impacted their fields. This will be an important book in the field on several levels. Firstly, it could be used across a wide variety of disciplines as well as in women's studies or religious studies. Secondly, it contributes to the understanding of method in general. Finally, it addresses an important gap in our discourse about feminist thought, about how to trace its contribution, and how to then replicate its methodological claims. " — Laurie Zoloth, San Francisco State University