Michael Polanyi

A Critical Exposition

By Harry Prosch

Subjects: Philosophy
Series: SUNY series in Cultural Perspectives
Paperback : 9780887062766, 354 pages, October 1986
Hardcover : 9780887062773, 354 pages, October 1986

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Table of contents



Part I - Diagnosis

1. Indications of Malaise
2. The Causes
3. The Pathogenesis

Part II - Prescription

4. A New Epistemology
5. Indwelling
6. Generalization
7. Discovery
8. Verification

Part III - Treatment

9. Ontological Hierarchies
10. Personal Participation
11. The Arts
12. Religion
13. The Free Society

Part IV - Evaluation

14. Rationale for an Evaluation
15. Can "From - To" Awareness Be Ubiquitous?
16. Is Epistemological Antireductionism Sufficient?
17. The Problem of Polanyi's Divarication
18. Polanyi contra Torrance
19. Can Dualism Be Avoided?
20. And Sub Specie Aeternitatis


Bibliography of Michael Polyani's Publications



Michael Polanyi was an eminent physical chemist, economist, and philosopher. This book explains how the many diverse topics that concerned him belong together as essential elements in his effort to play physician to "the sickness of the modern mind." Using both published and unpublished writings, Prosch critically evaluates Polanyi's efforts and examines the value of his work as philosophy. The book contains a complete bibliography of Polanyi's humanistic publications and all of his earlier works.

Harry Prosch is Professor of Philosophy at Skidmore College.


"It provides thorough and enlightening orientation both to those issues which Polanyi's work addresses and to those issues which his work raises, as well as a superbly clear and (I believe) accurate characterization of the rich philosophic position which Polanyi developed. It's an excellent orientation for those unfamiliar with Polanyi's work, and of essential value for those of us who already are students of Polanyi's thought." — Samuel D. Watson