Myth From the Ice Age to Mickey Mouse

By Robert W. Brockway

Subjects: Religion
Paperback : 9780791417140, 198 pages, November 1993
Hardcover : 9780791417133, 198 pages, December 1993

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Table of contents


1. All Myths are Stories

2. How it All Began

3. The Myth of Eternal Return

4. The Hero and the Dragon

5. Where is Myth in the Modern World?

6. Secular Myths in Novels

7. The Masks of Mickey Mouse

8. Myths about Myths






Brockway exposes Western mythic thought from Paleolithic times to the present. Myth and mythic thinking did not cease with the rise of science and philosophy during the Enlightenment, but continue to flourish in modern times. The author shows how mythic themes continue to occur in both high culture and popular arts.

Robert W. Brockway is Professor Emeritus of Religion at Brandon University in Manitoba, Canada.


"This book is constantly surprising the reader with fresh insights into relationships between sources from different cultures, disciplines, and times and providing insightful commentary. The panoramic, cross-cultural perspective spanning human history from the Paleolithic through modern popular culture was exhilarating, and the range of disciplines covering anthropology, religious studies, philosophy, science and literature formidable. It is unarguably a work reflecting great erudition and a mental prowess for synthesis. " — Lynda D. McNeil, University of Colorado, Boulder