Niagaras of Ink

Famous Writers at the Falls

By Jamie M. Carr

Subjects: New York/regional, Literature, History, Nineteenth-century Studies
Series: Excelsior Editions
Imprint: Excelsior Editions
Paperback : 9781438479989, 204 pages, September 2020

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Table of contents

List of Illustrations

Prologue: Seeing Niagara with Different Eyes


Introduction: Lost Pages

1. Old Worlds, New Voices

2. Clean Water and Clean Air

3. The Falls and Fame

4. Copyrights and Wrongs

5. Books That Started a War

6. Bridge Traffic

7. Words of Art

8. War, and Peace

9. Case Closed?

10. Save Niagara

Epilogue: Still Seeing Niagara

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Makes literature of Niagara Falls available to readers with a variety of interests in literature, culture, and place.


Niagara Falls is a place where lands are contested, industry debated, freedom harbored, the spirit uplifted, and fame won. It overflows with stories. Since before digital technologies made visual reproduction easier and more abundant than ever, writers composed Niagara Falls as symbolically meaningful. But in the face of four centuries of writing on this natural wonder, how does one make these stories new? Niagaras of Ink collects anecdotes of famous writers' experiences—previously untold tales, unique takes on well-known visits, and materials just too good to exclude—with an anthology of some of the most engaging Anglo-American writing on the Falls from the nineteenth to early twentieth centuries. This collection invites readers to re-see Niagara through these lenses.

Jamie M. Carr is Associate Professor of English at Niagara University and the author of Queer Times: Christopher Isherwood's Modernity.


"Carr's authorial voice is that of someone who loves history, who is intrigued with Niagara, who marvels at the peculiar oddities of human lives, and who delights in finding ways to weave this complex story together. " — Stan Tag, coeditor of Father Nature: Fathers as Guides to the Natural World