Nietzsche and Politicized Identities

Edited by Rebecca Bamford & Allison Merrick

Subjects: Philosophy, Political Theory, Gender Studies, Queer Studies
Hardcover : 9781438497174, 370 pages, April 2024

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Table of contents

Note on Abbreviations

Rebecca Bamford and Allison Merrick

Part I: On the Origins of Identities and Modes of Subjection

1. Contending Selfhood: Nietzschean Contributions to the Question of Political Identity
Lawrence J. Hatab

2. Nietzsche and Tragic Identity
Paul Kirkland

3. Passionate Actors and Wounded Apes: Nietzsche on Identity Formation
Robert Guay

4. How We Became Who We Are: Retracing Nietzsche's Genealogy of Politicized Identity
Allison Merrick

5. Perspectivism, World-Traveling, and the Multiplicitous Self: Rereading Nietzsche through Latinx Decolonial Feminist Philosophy
Rebecca A. Longtin

Part II: Elitism and Political Hierarchies

6. Shame, Humiliation, and Whiplash: The Case of the Ascetic Priest
Daniel Conway

7. Freedom against Equality: Nietzsche's Aristocratic Politics
Rebecca Aili Ploof

8. Masters, Slaves, "Terrorists": On Elitism and Existential Threats
C. Heike Schotten

Part III: Emancipatory Possibilities

9. Nietzsche and Feminine Subjectivity
Elif Yavnık

10. Sexism Is Exhausting: Nietzsche and the Emotional Dynamics of Sexist Oppression
Kaitlyn Creasy

11. "The Great Seriousness Begins": Nietzsche's Tragic Philosophy and Philosophy's Role in Creating Healthier Racialized Identities
Jacqueline Scott

12. "To Affirm while Resisting": Ralph Ellison and Friedrich Nietzsche on Overcoming History
Jeremy Fortier

13. Disability, Power, and Life
Rebecca Bamford


Essays exploring to what extent Nietzsche's thought can aid us in understanding politicized identities.


Contemporary political struggles often find their origins in conflicts based on race, religion and region, gender and sexuality, or class. Given the need for conceptual resources to meet such challenges, this volume of essays explores the extent to which Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophy can be of use to us in these struggles. In Nietzsche and Politicized Identities, emerging and leading Nietzsche scholars offer fresh insights into various central questions: How do our politicized identities form and develop their legitimacy? What sorts of functions do such identities serve? What political ideals does Nietzsche advocate? What conceptual tools for reanimating liberatory political projects does Nietzsche promote? How might we organize politically to affirm life and acknowledge the tragic as we avoid the pull of nihilism? The essays within this volume engage these questions and offer fresh, at times surprising, answers.

Rebecca Bamford is Reader in Philosophy at Queen's University Belfast and the author (with Keith Ansell-Pearson) of Nietzsche's Dawn: Philosophy, Ethics, and the Passion of Knowledge. Allison Merrick is Associate Professor of Philosophy at California State University, San Marcos.


"By bringing together thinkers interested in feminism, Black studies, (dis)ability studies, decolonial philosophy, and those writing about identity more broadly in Nietzsche, Nietzsche and Politicized Identities provides an important and timely resource for scholars and students." — Willow Verkerk, author of Nietzsche and Friendship