On the Study of Greek Poetry

By Friedrich Schlegel
Edited and translated by Stuart Barnett
Introduction by Stuart Barnett

Subjects: Romanticism
Series: SUNY series, Intersections: Philosophy and Critical Theory
Paperback : 9780791448304, 156 pages, January 2001
Hardcover : 9780791448298, 156 pages, January 2001

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Table of contents


A Note on the Translation

Critical Introduction
The Age of Romanticism: Schlegel from Antiquity to Modernity


Appendix: Preface



Available for the first time in English, this study offers insights into the genesis of German Romanticism.


While ostensibly an examination of classical Greek poetry, Friedrich Schlegel's On the Study of Greek Poetry is a signal document in the development of German Romantic aesthetics. In it, Schlegel outlines the development of classical and post-classical cultures, showing clearly that an entirely new mode of cultural production is necessary. On the Study of Greek Poetry has been at the center of the discussions of German Romanticism by German scholars such as Peter Szondi and Manfred Frank, and this translation makes an important text in the genesis of German Romanticism available for the first time in English. The book also includes a critical introduction as well as annotations that elucidate Schlegel's numerous allusions.

Friedrich Schlegel (1772–1829) is widely considered as one of the chief theoreticians of Romanticism. His wide range of writings helped to define Romanticism for his contemporaries and continue to serve as a source for an understanding of the philosophical foundation of Romanticism. Stuart Barnett is Associate Professor of English at Central Connecticut State University and the editor of Hegel After Derrida.


"Schlegel's study on Greek poetry is an important text for the understanding of his philosophy, and the understanding of German Romanticism in general. Barnett's translation is well written, and it is also supported by excellent scholarship." — Liliane Weissberg, coeditor of Cultural Memory and the Construction of Identity

"Schlegel's On the Study of Greek Poetry is a gem that we are fortunate at long last to have available in English. This is an important text for understanding Schlegel's work, the development of romantic critical theory and poetics, and their complex relation to the classical tradition—one that, as becomes increasingly evident, still has far-reaching implications in such recent thinkers as Szondi, Frank, Blanchot, or Nancy and Lacoue-Labarthe." — Stephen H. Watson, author of Extensions: Essays on Interpretation, Rationality, and the Closure of Modernism