Perspectives in Cultural Anthropology

Edited by Herbert Applebaum

Subjects: Cultural Anthropology
Paperback : 9780887064395, 632 pages, July 1987
Hardcover : 9780887064388, 632 pages, July 1987

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Table of contents


I. Overview
Herbert Applebaum

1. A Quarter Century of American Anthropology
Robert F. Murphy

II. Nineteenth Century Evolutionism
Introduction: Herbert Applebaum

2. The Science of Culture
Edward B. Tylor

3. Ethnical Periods
Lewis H. Morgan

III. The Boasian Attack - Historical Particularism
Introduction: Herbert Applebaum

4. The Limitations of the Comparative Method of Anthropology
Franz Boas

5. The Nature of Culture
Alfred L. Kroeber

6. The Determinants of Culture
Robert H. Lowie

7. The Integration of Culture
Ruth Benedict

IV. Integration of Cultures - Structuralism and Functionalism
Introduction: Herbert Applebaum

8. The Group and the Individual in Functional Analysis
Bronislaw Malinowski

9. On Social Structure
Alfred R. Radcliffe-Brown

V. Psychological Anthropology
Introduction: Herbert Applebaum

10. The Technique of Psychodynamic Analysis
Abram Kardiner

11. Introduction: Coming of Age in Samoa
Introduction: Growing Up in Manus Society
Margaret Mead

12. Covert Culture and Administrative Problems
Clyde Kluckhohn

13. A Strategy for Psychocultural Research
John and Beatrice Whiting

VI. Twentieth Century Evolution and Ecological Anthropology
Introduction: Herbert Applebaum

14. Cultural Causality and Law: A Trial Formulation of the Development of Early Civilizations
Julian H. Steward

15. Energy and the Evolution of Culture
Leslie A. White

16. Evolutionary Epistemology and Human Values
Ronald Cohen

17. Introduction: Ecological Anthropology
Donald L. Hardesty

18. Reductionsim in Cultural Ecology: The Amazon Case
Allen Johnson

VII. Cultural Materialism and Marxism
Introduction: Herbert Applebaum

19. Theoretical Principles of Cultural Materialism: The Struggle for A Science of Culture
Marvin Harris

20. Cultural Materialism and the Problem of Probabilities
Paul J. Magnarella

21. The Scope and Boundaries of Anthropology: Perspectives in Marxist Anthropology
Maurice Godelier

22. Genetic Epistemology, Marxism, and Anthropology
Gerald Berthoud

VIII. Economic Anthropology and the Anthropology of Work
Introduction: Herbert Applebaum

23. Economic Anthropology
Richard F. Salisbury

24. Theoretical Issues in Economic Anthropology
George Dalton

25. The Universal Aspects of Work
Herbert Applebaum

IX. Structuralism and Cognitive Anthropology
Introduction: Herbert Applebaum

26. Social Structure: Structural Anthropology
Claude Levi-Strauss

27. Intellectual Antecedents of Levi-Strauss' Notion of Unconscious
Ino Rossi

28. Whatever Happened to Cognitive Anthropology: A Partial Review
Michael H. Agar

29. Cognition as a Residual Category in Anthropology
Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition

30. The Margaret Mead Controversy: Culture, Biology, and Anthropological Inquiry
Nancy Scheper-Hughes

X. Sociobiology
Introduction: Herbert Applebaum

31."Hope" From "On Human Nature"
Edward O. Wilson

32. Anthropology and the Nature of Things
Napoleon A. Chagnon

XI. Symbolic and Humanistic Anthropology
Introduction: Herbert Applebaum

33. Symbols in African Ritual
Victor W. Turner

34. Kinship, Nationality, and Religion in American Culture: Toward a Definition of Kinship
David M. Schneider

35. Leaders and Followers: Cultural Pattern and Political Symbolism in Yugoslavia
Frank A. Dubinskas

36. Interpretive Anthropology
Clifford Geertz

XII. Concluding Remarks
Introduction: Herbert Applebaum

37. Epistle to the Anthropologists
I. C. Jarvie

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Designed as a reader for courses, this anthology presents an array of theories and interpretations in the field of modern cultural anthropology. It provides a deeper understanding of the major theoretical orientations which have historically guided and currently guide anthropological research.

Herbert Applebaum is editor of Work in Non-Market and Transitional Societies and Work in Market and Industrial Societies, both published by SUNY Press. Dr. Applebaum also edits the "Anthropology of Work Review. "


"I like the scope of the selections chosen, and the fact that they represent a wide range of contemporary points of view. The collection of readings fills a void in the materials available on contemporary anthropological theory. I learned some things I hadn't known. " — Bernice A. Kaplan, Wayne State University

"This book was highly interesting to me, an anthropologist who has long taught ethnological theory. What I like most is the very catholic approach of the author, which successfully brings much of the range of variation in the theory of cultural anthropology to the attention of the reader. Applebaum is evenhanded in his discussions of particular theories, and the readings selected are quite apropos of the theories discussed. "— Frederick C. Gamst, University of Massachusetts