Psychosis and Sexual Identity

Toward a Post-Analytic View of the Schreber Case

Edited by David B. Allison, Prado de Oliveira, Mark S. Roberts, and Allen S. Weiss

Subjects: Psychoanalysis
Series: SUNY series, Intersections: Philosophy and Critical Theory
Paperback : 9780887066177, 343 pages, January 1988
Hardcover : 9780887066160, 343 pages, January 1988

Table of contents


Part I. Psychosis

1. Lacan and the Problem of Psychosis
William J. Richardson

2. Schreber's Other
Antonio Quinet

3. Writing and Madness: Schreber als Schreiber
Octave Mannoni

4. Figures of Delusion
Jean-Francois Rabain

5. The Other as Muse: On the Ontology and Aesthetics of Narcissism
Allen S. Weiss

6. The Institution of Rot
Michel de Certeau

Part II. Sexual Identity

7. Paranoiac Fantasies: Sexual Difference, Homosexuality, Law of the Father
Micheline Enriquez

8. The Din of The Celestial Birds or Why I Crave to Become a Woman
Alphonso Lingis

9. Vertiginous Sexuality: Schreber's Commerce With God
Jean-Francois Lyotard

10. On President Schreber's Transsexual Delusion
Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel

11. Schreber, Ladies and Gentlemen
Prado de Oliveira

12. The Pathogenesis of Creation or the Liberation of Women
Octave Mannoni

Part III. The New Schreber Texts

Introduction to the New Schreber Texts
Han Israels

The New Texts

A. [Poem for the Silver Wedding Anniversary of His Sister Anna] (1889)

B. [Poem About Swans Which His Mother Gave as a Gift to His Nephew Fritz Jung] (undated)

C. [Christening Speech for a Granddaughter of His Sister Anna] (1904)

D. [Poem for His Mother's Ninetieth Birthday] (1905)

E. [Poem for the Fiftieth Birthday of His Wife] (1907)

F. [Declaration About Schreber Societies] (1907)

G. [Texts Written in the Leipzig-Dosen Mental Hospital] (1907-1910)



This book examines Freud's most famous case study with newly discovered material written by Schreber and photos of significant persons in Schreber's life.

David B. Allison is in the Department of Philosophy at State University of New York at Stony Brook. Mark S. Roberts in the Department of Philosophy at St. Joseph's College. Allen S. Weiss in the Department of Cinema Studies at New York University.


"Included are essays by some of the most interesting intellectual figures in France, such as Lyotard, Mannoni, and Andrade. Richardson leads the reader into Lacanian territory in a clear and fully comprehensible way. The Schreber case engenders one of Freud's most memorable literary excursions, and the essays in this collection provide startling and original insights. By treating the Schreber materials as text, new literary, critical and epistemological issues as well as psychological questions are opened up. " — Edith Wyschogrod, Queens College

"This is an important work, largely because it illuminates and makes accessible the larger issues of Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis through the careful and very specific treatment of one groundbreaking case, that of Daniel Paul Schreber. I was entertained as well as instructed by this volume, which illustrates the diversity that psychoanalytical discourse has assumed. It is a major contribution to psychoanalytical theory. " — Henry Sussman, State University of New York at Buffalo