Punk Rock

Music Is the Currency of Life

By Mindy Clegg

Subjects: Music, Music - Textbook, General Interest
Hardcover : 9781438489377, 320 pages, August 2022
Paperback : 9781438489384, 320 pages, August 2022
Expected to ship: 2022-08-01
Expected to ship: 2022-08-01

Shows how punk rock shaped modern culture around the world.


Punk Rock examines the history of punk rock in its totality. Punk became a way of thinking about the role of culture and community in modern life. Punks forged real alternatives to producing popular music and built community around their music. This punk counterpublic, forged in the late Cold War period, spanned the globe and has provided a viable cultural alternative to alienated young people over the years. This book starts with the rise of modernity and places the emergence of punk as a musical subculture into that longer historical narrative. It also reveals how punk itself became a contested terrain, as participants sought to imbue the production of music with greater meaning. It highlights all styles of punk and its wide variety of creators around the world, including from the LGBTQ+, feminist, and alternative communities. Punk was and remains a transnational phenomenon that influences music production and shapes our understanding of culture’s role in community building.

Mindy L. Clegg teaches history at Perimeter College at Georgia State University.


“Mindy Clegg's Punk Rock is a deeply researched, passionately written deep dive into punk and its subcultures, spanning from its origins to the far edges of postcolonial punk. Her book expands our understanding of the meaning of punk and its enduring power to give voice to the voiceless and is a must read for anyone interested in the complex intersections of punk, politics, identity, and power.” — Nicholas Rombes, author of A Cultural Dictionary of Punk, 1974–1982