Race, Ethnicity, and Place in a Changing America, Third Edition

Edited by John W. Frazier, Eugene L. Tettey-Fio, and Norah F. Henry

Subjects: Sociology, Geography, American Studies, African American Studies, Latin American Studies
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781438463308, 408 pages, September 2016
Hardcover : 9781438463292, 408 pages, September 2016

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Table of contents


Part I. Perspectives on Ethnicity and Race in the U. S.

1. Culture, Ethnicity, and Place in a Changing America: A Perspective
J. W. Frazier, N. F. Henry, and E. L. Tettey-Fio

2. Changing the Dynamics: Race, Ethnicity, and Culture from a Theoretical View
N. F. Henry and J. W. Frazier

3. Racial Geography vs. Ethnic Geography: A Distinction
J. W. Frazier

Part II. Hispanics-Latinos in Race and Ethnicity Investigations

4. Hispanics/Latinos in the U. S.
M. E. Reisinger
5. Operación Manos A La Obra: A Key for Development or Dependency in Puerto Rico?
C. J. Guilbe López

6. Twenty-First Century Ethnic Clusters in San Juan, Puerto Rico
A. I. Sanchez-Rivera, J. Zambrana, C. Deng, and J. W. Frazier
7. The Truncated Educational Transition of Mexican-Born Adolescents: A Maslovian Interpretation
R. C. Jones
8. Participatory Research with Latinos in a New Immigrant Gateway
H. A. Smith, J. C. Schuch, and B. U. de Hernandez

9. Education Issues in the Texas Panhandle
L. E. Estaville and E. J. Montalvo

Part III. The African Diaspora in the U. S.

10. Historical and Contemporary Black-American Geographies
E. L. Tettey-Fio
11. Nightmarish Landscapes: The Orwellian World of Malcolm X
J. A. Tyner

12. Civil Rights as Geospatial Work: Rethinking African-American Resistance
D. H. Alderman and J. Inwood
13. Black Movements, Settlement Structures, and the Impacts of Race and Ethnicity
J. W. Frazier, R. Anderson, and J. Hinojosa

14. Blacks and Latinos in the United States: The Persistent Struggle for Equality
J. T. Darden

15. Black Settlement Patterns in Canada and the U. S.: A Reassessment with Implications for Anti-Discrimination in Housing Policies
J. T. Darden and C. Teixeira

16. Race and Ethnicity in Stop-and-Frisk Law-Enforcement Practices
J. L. Newberry
Part IV. The Asian Diaspora in the U. S.

17 Asians in the United States: Then and Now
J. W. Frazier

18 U. S. Asians: Migration and Settlements
W. Yu

19 Chinese Immigrants and North American-Based Banks
L. Lo and W. Li

20 The Sociospatial Politics of Racialization and Asian Indian Organizations in the Context of SB
E. H. Skop

21 Indian Locations, Socioeconomic Status, and Tensions with Long-Term Residents
N. F. Henry and B. McGovern

22 Spaces of Integration: International Students in a Global City
E. Chacko and G. Sojo

About the Authors

Uses both historical and contemporary case studies to examine how race and ethnicity affect the places we live, work, and visit. .


This book examines major Hispanic, African, and Asian diasporas in the continental United States and Puerto Rico from the nineteenth century to the present, with particular attention on the diverse ways in which these immigrant groups have shaped and reshaped American places and landscapes. Through both historical and contemporary case studies, the contributors examine how race and ethnicity affect the places we live, work, and visit, illustrating along the way the behaviors and concepts that comprise the modern ethnic and racial geography of immigrant and minority groups. While primarily addressed to students and scholars in the fields of racial and ethnic geography, these case studies will be accessible to anyone interested in race-place connections, race-ethnicity boundaries, the development of racialization, and the complexity of human settlement patterns and landscapes that make up the United States and Puerto Rico. Taken together, they show how individuals and culture groups, through their ideologies, social organization, and social institutions, reflect both local and regional processes of place-making and place-remaking that occur within and beyond the continental United States.

John W. Frazier is SUNY Distinguished Service Professor of Geography at Binghamton University, State University of New York. Eugene L. Tettey-Fio is Associate Professor of Geography at Binghamton University, State University of New York. Norah F. Henry is Associate Professor of Geography at Binghamton University, State University of New York.