Reindustrializing New York State

Strategies, Implications, Challenges

Edited by Morton Schoolman & Alvin Magid

Subjects: New York State Government
Paperback : 9780887061783, 443 pages, January 1986
Hardcover : 9780887061776, 443 pages, January 1986

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Table of contents


I. Introduction: New Directions

1. Solving the Dilemma of Statesmanship: Reindustrialization Through An Evolving Democratic Plan
Morton Schoolman

II. Bench Marks: A Declining Industry, Industries Contributing to Decline, State Policies and State Decline

2. Imports and Apparel: From Riches to Rags
Barry Gewen

3. Industrial Devolution in New York State
Glenn Yago, Hyman Korman, Gail Lerner, Sen-Yuan Wu, Michael Schwartz, and Charlene Seifert

4. Trends in Manufacturing Employment and Reflections on Infrastructure Investment, Tax and Expenditure Policy in New Yotk State
Edward F. Renshaw

III. Foundations

5. Strategic Planning in a White Collar City: The Case of Albany
Todd Swanstrom

6. Economic Development Prospects for New York's St. Lawrence River Basin
Mark J. Kasoff and Mark D. Soskin

7. Local Economic Development and the State
Lawrence Southwick Jr.

IV. State Revitalization in International Context

8. The Changing Impact of International Trade On the Economy of New York State
Walter Goldstein

9. Foreign Direct Investment and Regional Development: The Case of Canadian Investment in New York State
Prem Gandhi

V. Partners: The Government, Business, and Academic Communities

10. Building the Twentieth Century Public Works Machine: Robert Moses and the Public Authority
Jon J. Lines, Ellen L. Parker, David C. Perry

11. The Center for Industrial Innovation at RPI: Critical Reflections in New York's Economic Recovery
Michael Black and Richard Worthington

12. Reindustrialization in New York: The Role of the State University
John W. Kalas

VI. Special Issues

13. Defense Procurement and the Reindustrialization of New York State
James E. Ryan

14. Old Federalism and New Federalism in New York State
Richard H. Silkman

15. Acid Rain: Public Policy in the Face of Uncertainty
Roman Hedges and Donald J. Reeb

VII. Foreign Models for State Initiatives

16. Industrial Democracy and Reindustrialization: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Alvin Magid





This is the first study to comprehensively investigate economic revitalization strategies in a state economy that, until recently, had been the most powerful in the United States. In sixteen original essays, Reindustrializing New York State documents the state's long-term deindustrialization and examines and evaluates the policies initiated to reverse its decline.

Pursuing an analysis of each of the strategies crucial to New York's economic redevelopment, the authors assess the significance of the state's policy actions and inactions, while focusing attention on problems and trends likely to pose formidable barriers to future growth. What crystallizes is the image of a state in passage to a radically different stage of political, social, and economic organization with new possibilities as well as new hazards.

Morton Schoolman is Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at the State University of New York at Albany, and the author of The Imaginary Witness: The Critical Theory of Herbert Marcuse. Alvin Magid is Associate Professor of Political Science at the State University of New York at Albany. He is the author of Men in the Middle: Leadership and Role Conflict in a Nigerian Society, and coeditor with Thomas Weaver of Poverty: New Interdisciplinary Perspectives.