Revisiting a Progressive Pedagogy

The Developmental-Interaction Approach

Edited by Nancy Nager & Edna K. Shapiro

Subjects: Early Childhood Studies
Series: SUNY series, Early Childhood Education: Inquiries and Insights
Paperback : 9780791444689, 328 pages, February 2000
Hardcover : 9780791444672, 328 pages, March 2000

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Nancy Nager and Edna K. Shapiro

Part I: Describing and Expanding the Framework

1. The Developmental-Interaction Approach to Education: Retrospect and Prospect

Edna K. Shapiro and Nancy Nager

2. Meanings of Play in the Developmental-Interaction Tradition

Margery B. Franklin

3. The Compatibility of Vygotsky's Theoretical Framework with the Developmental-Interaction Approach

Laura M. W. Martin

4. "Everyone from Everywhere Is in My Class Now": What Anthropology Can Offer Teachers

Linda Levine

Part II: Social Studies: Enduring Goals and New Understandings

An Introduction to Lucy Sprague Mitchell's "Social Studies for Future Teachers"

Salvatore Vascellaro

5. Social Studies for Future Teachers

Lucy Sprague Mitchell

6. Visualizing Experience

Edith Gwathmey and Ann-Marie Mott

7. Bringing Storytelling and Folk Narrative into Classroom Life

Nina Jaffe

8. Developmental Reality: Helping Teachers Deal with Violence in Children's Lives

Carol Lippman

Part III: Becoming a Teacher: Understanding Children, Self, and Contexts

9. Learning to Look Closely at Children: A Necessary Tool for Teachers

Eva G. Haberman

10. Furthering a Progressive Agenda: Advisement and the Development of Educators

Frank Pignatelli

11. The Portfolio Process: Teachers and Teacher Educators Learning Together

Helen Freidus

12. Real Children and Imagined Homelands: Preparing to Teach in Today's World

Jonathan Silin

13. Families and Schools: New Lenses, New Landscapes

Eileen Wasow

List of Contributors


Reviews the history and philosophy of a classic approach to teaching, while emphasizing its continuing relevance for contemporary schooling.


Revisiting a Progressive Pedagogy reviews the history of the developmental-interactive approach, a formulation rooted in developmental psychology and educational practice, progressively informing educational thinking since the early-twentieth century. This conceptualization is identified with—but not restricted to—Bank Street College of Education. Examining the origins and evolution of the approach, the contributors assess its continued heuristic and practical value for classroom practice and teacher education in light of new ideas in social science and education, and indicate new directions.

The book describes and analyzes key assumptions, and assesses the compatibility of new theoretical approaches, focuses on historical precedents and current adaptations in classroom practice, and examines teacher education, giving close attention to the personal and professional development of teachers.

Contributors include Edna K. Shapiro, Nancy Nager, Margery B. Franklin, Laura M. W. Martin, Linda Levine, Salvatore Vascellaro, Lucy Sprague Mitchell, Edith Gwathmey, Ann-Marie Mott, Nina Jaffe, Carol Lippman, Eva G. Haberman, Frank Pignatelli, Helen Freidus, Jonathan Silin, and Eileen Wasow.

Nancy Nager is a developmental psychologist on the Graduate Faculty and Edna K. Shapiro is Research Psychologist Emerita, Bank Street College of Education. Dr. Shapiro is coauthor (with Patricia Minuchin, Barbara Biber, and Herbert Zimiles) of The Psychological Impact of School Experience: A Comparative Study of Nine-Year-Old Children in Contrasting Schools, and coeditor (with Evelyn Weber) of Cognitive and Affective Growth: Developmental-Interaction.