Rhetoric before and beyond the Greeks

Edited by Carol S. Lipson & Roberta A. Binkley

Subjects: Composition And Rhetoric Studies
Paperback : 9780791461006, 274 pages, July 2004
Hardcover : 9780791460993, 274 pages, August 2004

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Table of contents


Mesopotamian Rhetoric

The Birth of Rhetoric
William W. Hallo

The Rhetoric of Origins and the Other: Reading the Ancient Figure of Enheduanna
Roberta Binkley

Neo-Assyrian Rhetoric: The Example of the Third Campaign of Sennacherib (704–681 B. C.)
Paul Y. Hoskisson and Grant M. Boswell

Egyptian Rhetoric

Ancient Egyptian Rhetoric: It All Comes Down to Maat
Carol S. Lipson

Law, Rhetoric, and Gender in Ramesside Egypt
Deborah Sweeney

Chinese Rhetoric

The Use of Eloquence: The Confucian Perspective
George Q. Xu

Confucian Silence and Remonstration: A Basis for Deliberation?
Arabella Lyon

"Nothing Can Be Accomplished If the Speech Does Not Sound Agreeable:" Rhetoric and the Invention of Classical Chinese Discourse
Yameng Liu

Biblical Rhetoric

Pentateuchal Rhetoric and the Voice of the Aaronides
David Metzger

Alternative Greek Rhetoric

The Art of Rhetoric at Rhodes: An Eastern Rival to the Athenian Representation of Classical Rhetoric
Richard Leo Enos

Cross-Cultural Rhetorical Studies

Story-List-Sanction: A Cross-Cultural Strategy of Ancient Persuasion
James W. Watts

Song to Speech: The Origins of Early Epitaphia in Ancient Near Eastern Women's Lamentations
C. Jan Swearingen

Suggestions for Teaching Ancient Rhetorics

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Examines rhetorical practices in cultures and time periods that have received little attention to date.


Focusing on ancient rhetoric outside of the dominant Western tradition, this collection examines rhetorical practices in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Israel, and China. The book uncovers alternate ways of understanding human behavior and explores how these rhetorical practices both reflected and influenced their cultures. The essays address issues of historiography and raise questions about the application of Western rhetorical concepts to these very different ancient cultures. A chapter on suggestions for teaching each of these ancient rhetorics is included.

Carol S. Lipson is Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric at Syracuse University. Roberta A. Binkley is Lecturer in English at Arizona State University.