Sarah Kofman's Corpus

Edited by Tina Chanter & Pleshette DeArmitt

Subjects: Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Continental Philosophy, French Studies
Series: SUNY series in Gender Theory
Paperback : 9780791472682, 156 pages, January 2008
Hardcover : 9780791472675, 156 pages, January 2008

Table of contents

Introduction: The Lifework of Sarah Kofman Pleshette DeArmitt
PartI. Art, Affirmation, and Laughter
1. “The Question of Art”: Sarah Kofman’s Aesthetics
Duncan Large
2. Sarah Kofman’s Art of Affirmation, or the “Non-illusory Life of an Illusion”
Pleshette DeArmitt
3. Sarah Kofman’s Wit
Ann Smock
PartII. Philosophical Fires: Autobiography, Femininity, and Jewishness
4. Fire Walls: Sarah Kofman’s Pyrotechnics
Michael Naas
5. Le mépris des anti-sémites:Kofman’s Nietzsche and Nietzsche’s Jews
Alan D. Schrift
6. Playing with Fire:Kofman and Freud on Being Feminine, Jewish, and Homosexual
Tina Chanter
7. Becoming: Devenir-femmein the Work of Sarah Kofman
Penelope Deutscher

Draws connections between the life and writings of philosopher Sarah Kofman.


This groundbreaking collection sketches a portrait of Sarah Kofman (1934–1994), the brilliant French feminist philosopher and author of more than two dozen books on an impressive range of topics and figures in philosophy, literature, psychoanalysis, aesthetics, and feminism. Leading feminist philosophers examine the lessons that Kofman's rich body of work teaches us, among them that the work and life of a thinker are inextricably bound together. Each essay navigates the complex connections between work and life, thought and desire, the book and the body to explore the central themes that link together Kofman's interdisciplinary oeuvre—art, affirmation, laughter, the intolerable, Jewishness, and femininity.

Tina Chanter is Professor of Philosophy at DePaul University, and she has published several books, including Revolt, Affect, Collectivity: The Unstable Boundaries of Kristeva's Polis (coedited with Ewa PÂonowska Ziarek), also published by SUNY Press. Pleshette DeArmitt is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Memphis.


"The first to incorporate Kofman's work into the current debates animating continental philosophy, Sarah Kofman's Corpus offers impressive contributions to the literature on Freud and Nietzsche, as well as feminist theory, philosophy of art, and Holocaust studies. It invigorates the contemporary landscape of French thought with the stakes introduced by Kofman's oeuvre, which emerges here in all its richness and irreverence, a call to engage anew with affirmation and becoming. " — Margret Grebowicz, editor of Gender after Lyotard