Schooling in Western Europe

A Social History

By Mary Jo Maynes

Subjects: Education
Paperback : 9780873959773, 188 pages, June 1985
Hardcover : 9780873959780, 188 pages, June 1985

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1. Introduction: The Social History of Education in Western Europe

2. Literacy and Schooling in Early Modern Europe

3. The Impetus for School Reform

4. The New Pedagogy

5. Family and School: Strategies and Constraints

6. Alternative Pedagogy

7. Education and Development

8. The Impact of Schooling

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Mary Jo Maynes looks to school reform in early modern Europe to show the relevance of early ideas about schooling for understanding contemporary society. She presents the competing perspectives on issues such as the identity and motivations of school reformers, the broad societal changes that made educational reform seem imperative toward the end of the eighteenth century all over the West, the connections between educational change and economic development, the role of schools in the evolution of class relations, the impact of reform on family strategies in the context of early industrialization. The work concludes by assessing historical data on the social impact of school reform and addressing the social meaning of schooling in the past and in the present.

Mary Jo Maynes is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Minnesota.