Scout's Honor

A Novel

By Charley Rosen
Foreword by Phil Jackson

Subjects: Fiction
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781930337688, 229 pages, March 2013

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A scout’s iconoclastic views of basketball, love, and American culture.


Brimming with truth, humor, and humanity, bestselling author Charley Rosen lays bare the trials and tribulations of anyone who loves sports for the game of it, not the business.

Naturally sarcastic, a touch disillusioned, but always the idealist, Rob Lassner is an NBA scout who must assess the potential of high school and college players while appeasing a "shit-for-brains" owner who wouldn't know a crosscourt pass if it knocked the silver spoon out of his blathering mouth.

Scout's Honor is the story of one man's attempt to balance his love for the purity of basketball with the below-the-rim bullshit side of the game that pays his bills. With charming irreverence and colorful prose, Rosen's novel is steeped in both literary richness and the art of the jump shot.

Charley Rosen is the coauthor with Phil Jackson of Maverick (1975) and the New York Times bestseller More Than A Game (2001). As a player at Hunter College, Rosen set numerous scoring records and has subsequently coached several teams in the Continental Basketball League. He has a Master's degree in Medieval Literature and has written more than a hundred articles for publications ranging from the New York Times Book Review to Men's Journal, plus thousands of pieces for several sports websites. His previously published books include six novels and twelve works of nonfiction. He lives with his wife, Daia, in upstate New York.


"Scout's Honor is the champion of the how, why, and who of this sport, which requires the sacrifice of personal glory for the greater goals of the team. It's required reading for anyone who loves the game of basketball. " — from the Foreword by Phil Jackson

"Fast-paced and irreverent, this new novel by Ulster County's—and possible the planet's—preeminent basketball writer follows pro scout Rob Lassner's effort to reconcile his love of the game with his contempt for its business underbelly … From the locker room to the peak of Meads Mountain, Rosen slam-dunks it. " — Chronogram

"Charley Rosen is one of the elite basketball storytellers of this era. In Scout's Honor, he's woven an entertaining roman à clef fitting of an insider and basketball lifer. " — Sam Smith