Self Realization in Kashmir Shaivism

The Oral Teachings of Swami Lakshmanjoo

By John Hughes

Subjects: Religion
Paperback : 9780791421802, 173 pages, December 1994
Hardcover : 9780791421796, 173 pages, December 1994

Table of contents





1. Fifteen Verses of Wisdom

2. Talks on Practice

3. Entrance into the Supreme Reality

4. Talks on Discipline

5. The Secret Knowledge of Kundalini

Appendix A: Sanskrit Text of Bodhapañcada'sika

Appendix B: Sanskrit Text of the Paraprave'sika

Appendix C: Sanskrit Text of the Kundalini Vijñana Rahasyam



This book presents the oral teachings of the twentieth century's great Kashmir Shaivite master. The last of his long lineage, Swami Lakshmanjoo preserved, as did his predecessors, the oral knowledge that illuminates this ancient philosophy—that clarifies the often deliberately obscure tantric texts.

Swami Lakshmanjoo reveals the essence of the way and the means to self realization. Here in his own original discourses, as well as in his English renderings of Abhinavagupta and Kshemaraja, he unveils the essential teachings of this yoga philosophy.

Swami Lakshmanjoo reveals the tantric understanding of the purpose and reason for creation. He offers instruction on the greatness and importance of the supreme mantra sauh\ . In his presentation of effective practice, he explains why meditation is both effortless and, at the same time, difficult. In his discussion of discipline he clarifies why personal habits and dispositions play an important part in spiritual growth. Finally, in his unveiling of the path of Kundalini yoga, he is intent on exposing and thereby preserving this hidden and elevated process while warning of its pitfalls.

Contains 8 black and white, 14 full color photographs.

Swami Lakshmanjoo is the author of Kashmir Shaivism: The Secret Supreme published by SUNY Press.