Semiotics and Linguistic Structure

A Primer of Philosophic Logic

By Richard M. Martin

Subjects: Semiotics
Paperback : 9781438434186, 342 pages, June 1978
Hardcover : 9780873953818, 342 pages, June 1978

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Table of contents


Part A. Semiotics
I. Virtual Classes, Identity, and Descriptions
II. Virtual Relations
III. Individuals, Parts, and Wholes
IV. Events, States, Acts, and Processes
V. Words and Expressions
VI. Reference and Acceptance
VII. Prolegomena to Mathematics

Part B. Linguistic Structure
VIII. Harris's Systems of Report and Paraphrase
IX. On Generative Semantics
X. Some Prepositional Relations
XI. Prepositional Protolinguistics I
XII. Prepositional Protolinguistics II
XIII. Some Temporal Adverbs
XIV. 'Now'
XV. The Very Idea of a Logical Form



This book is devoted to elementary formal logic and metalogic, and their applications to language.