Shinohara Pops!

The Avant-Garde Road, Tokyo/New York

By Hiroko Ikegami & Reiko Tomii

Subjects: Asian Studies, Art, Japanese Studies, Popular Culture
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9780615510934, 128 pages, October 2012

Surveys the fifty-year career of the avant-garde artist Ushio Shinohara.


This catalogue, accompanying the exhibition of the same title at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at SUNY New Paltz (August 29 through December 16, 2012), examines the fifty-year career of Ushio Shinohara, an indispensable player in the field of global contemporary history. Born in Japan in 1932, Shinohara was an enfant terrible of the Tokyo avant-garde art scene in the late 1950s with his "action art. " During the 1960s, he went on to invent such signature series as Boxing Painting, Imitation Art, and Oiran. After his move to New York in 1969, he continued with his versatile image-making endeavor, with Motorcycle Sculpture and drawings of street scenes, among other series. Taken together, this volume narrates a story of the inventive, imaginative, and skillful image-maker that is Ushio Shinohara.

Lead curator Hiroko Ikegami is Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Intercultural Studies at Kobe University. An art historian who specializes in American art and the postwar globalization of the art world, she has authored The Great Migrator: Robert Rauschenberg and the Global Rise of American Art. She has collaborated in organizing this exhibition with Reiko Tomii, a New York-based independent scholar who investigates post-1945 Japanese art in global and local contexts. Tomii's extensive publications include her contributions to Globalization and Contemporary Art and Xu Bing. Together they have brought their art historical and curatorial insights to the work of Shinohara, who has been underappreciated in his adopted home of New York.