Society and Settlement

Jewish Land of Israel in the Twentieth Century

By Aharon Kellerman

Subjects: Jewish Studies
Series: SUNY series in Israeli Studies
Paperback : 9780791412961, 321 pages, February 1993
Hardcover : 9780791412954, 321 pages, February 1993

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Table of contents




1. Setting the Scene


Approaches to the Study of Settlement Processes in Geography
A Framework for the Study of Settlement Processes in the Land of Israel


Part 1: Transitions in the Priorities of Zionist Objectives and in Their Geographical Implementation

2. Pre-State Ideological Settlement Activity


Zionist Objectives: Territory, Population, Mode of Life
The Cooperative Settlement: 1908-1936
The Cooperative Settlement: 1936-1948


3. Ideological Settlement Activity Since 1948


Between Village and Development Town: 1948-1957
The Development Towns: 1948-1961
The Development Towns: 1961-1987
A New Territorial Challenge: The West Bank and Gaza
Summary and Conclusions


Part 2: Jerusalem and Tel Aviv: Conflict Through Complementarity

4. Incubation and Formation of a Capital City and a Core Area


Geographical-Historical Roots
An Eternal Capital versus a Young Core


5. Cultural and Economic Characteristics of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv


Jerusalem and Tel Aviv-Jaffa: Differences and Struggle
Economic Specializations in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
Summary and Conclusions


Part 3: Frontiers and Peripheries in Israel

6. The North


Periphery and Frontier
Frontiers and Peripheries in Israel: A General Discussion
The Valleys
The Galilee


7. The South


The Negev
Summary and Conclusions


8. Society and Settlement in the Jewish Land of Israel: Past, Present, and Future


What Next?





This book scrutinizes the interrelationships between Jewish spatial organization and social structure and change in Palestine/Israel. Kellerman analyzes the development of nationwide and regional settlements, and reasons for spatial and territorial choices, such as cooperative villages. He uncovers the extreme differences between the old and the new in Jewish settlement patterns, and discusses the implications for cultural development, economic functions, urban spirit, and international status in evolving Israeli society.

Aaron Kellerman is Professor of Geography at the University of Haifa, Israel.


"The study covers important new ground and provides a comprehensive view of the evolution of land settlement patterns since the nineteenth century. Kellerman draws on a wide range of studies in Hebrew — from statistical to literary — to explain the development of urban, suburban, and rural settlements. " — Donna Robinson Divine, Smith College

"I like the manner in which the author integrates the concepts of 'society' and 'territory' in a unique way, seeing them as almost organically related rather than as completely separate entities. This volume deals with questions and concepts which are absolutely central to the State of Israel, and thus will come to be regarded as an important work of scholarship in the future. " — Gregory S. Mahler, University of Mississippi