T'ai Chi Ch'üan

Body and Mind in Harmony (Integration of Meaning and Method)

By Sophia Delza

Subjects: Chinese Religion And Philosophy
Paperback : 9780887060304, 256 pages, August 1985
Hardcover : 9780887060298, 256 pages, August 1985

Table of contents


Robert C. Neville

Introduction: By Way of a Beginning

A Contemporary View

Historical Background: A Consistent Heritage

Part One: The Way of T'ai-Chi Ch'üan

Ch. 1. What T'ai-Chi Ch'üan Is

Ch. 2. Fundamentals and Principles

Ch. 3. Suggestions for Study: Explanatory Note

Part Two: The Exercise-Art of T'ai-Chi Ch'üan

Ch. 4. The Complete Composition in Action

Ch. 5. The T'ai-Chi Ch'üan Classics

Part Three: Interpretation

Ch. 6. Dimensions of Meaning—Dimensions of Method

Ch. 7. The Unity of the Way

I. Way of the Body: Quiet Strength

II. Way of the Mind: Tranquil Power

III. Way of the Structure: Ordered Diversity

Ch. 8. Essential Features of the Way of Structure

Ch. 9. The Art of the Science of T'ai-Chi Ch'üan: A Summary

Part Four: The Life

Ch. 10. Reflections on the Spirit and the Art of T'ai-Chi Ch'üan

Ch. 11. Nature of T'ai-Chi Ch'üan: Quotations

Ch. 12. Movement and Being: A Prose-Poem


Suggested Reading


The foremost work on the ancient Chinese art of T'ai Chi Ch'üan in the English language is now even better. Master practitioner and teacher Sophia Delza has thoroughly revised her original guide to include substantial new material. T'ai Chi Ch'üan: Body and Mind in Harmony is a comprehensive survey of the age-old martial art, a system of activating the body for the development of physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Clearly detailed descriptions of the movements, illustrated with detailed drawings and photographs, enable you to practice alone. The book features a stimulating analysis of how body and mind function harmoniously, and a concrete explanation of how form and structure develop lasting physical health, mental alertness, stable vitality, and tranquility.

Sophia Delza is the first and greatest master of the Wu style of T'ai Chi Ch'üan in the Western world. She spent many years in China studying under the great master Ma Yüeh-Liang.


"For the Western reader this is quite simply the best of the many books on T'ai Chi Ch'üan." — David L. Hall, University of Texas.

"You have reaped a good harvest from your faithful practice and perseverance. Your book reveals profound comprehension (mind plus feeling). I am happy your are teaching." — Grandmaster Ma Yüeh-Liang, President, Wu Chien-Ch'üan, T'ai Chi Ch'üan Association of Shanghai, People's Republic of China