The Examined Life--Chinese Perspectives

Essays on Chinese Ethical Traditions

Edited by Xinyan Jiang
Introduction by Xinyan Jiang
Foreword by Robert Cummings Neville

Subjects: Ethics, Confucianism, Philosophy, Chinese Religion And Philosophy
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781586842239, 314 pages, May 2011

Table of contents

Foreword by Robert Cumming Neville
1. Virtue: Confucius and Aristotle
Jiyuan Yu
2. Shifting Perspectives: Filial Morality Revisited
Chenyang Li
3. “Rights” in Chinese Traditional Antrhopocentrism
Zijiang Ding
4. Moral Reason and Feeling: Confucianism and Contractualism
Xunwu Chen
5. The Confucian Account of Freedom
Peimin Ni
6. Mencius’ view on Moral Responsibility
Xinyan Jiang

7. Can Shu Bet he One Word that Serves as the Guiding Principle of caring Actions?
Sin Yee Chan
8. Zhu Xi on Ren (Humanity) and Love: a Neo-Confucian Way out of the Liberal-Communitarian Impasse
Yong Huang
9. Health care Allocation and the Confucian Tradition
Ruiping Fan
10. A Pragmatic Insight on Morality and Its Distinct Metaphysical Foundations
Bo Mou

11. “Three Teachings are One”: The Ethical Intertwinings of Buddhism, Confucianism and Daoism
Jay Goulding

A collection of essays on Chinese ethical traditions, including Confucian, Daoist, and Buddhist ethics.


This anthology is a collection of essays on Chinese ethical traditions, including Confucian, Daoist, and Buddhist ethics. Most of the contributors are philosophers who are trained in both Chinese and Western Philosophy. The anthology intends to provide readers with some new perspectives, especially comparative perspectives, and to make intelligible and dynamic dialogues between Western philosophy and Chinese philosophy. It includes eleven essays, more than half of which are on Confucian ethics. All essays in this volume are concentrated on discussions of philosophical issues in the classics of Chinese philosophy and their contemporary relevance rather than specialized textual research. Furthermore, all contributors are primarily occupied by issues of deep concern to both Chinese and Western moral philosophers: topics such as virtue, freedom, responsibility, rights, etc.