The Face of Truth

A Study of Meaning and Metaphysics in the Vedantic Theology of Rāmānuja

By Julius Lipner

Subjects: Hindu Studies
Paperback : 9780887060397, 183 pages, March 1986
Hardcover : 9780887060380, 183 pages, March 1986

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The Face of Truth examines in depth the Vedantic theology of Rāmānuja, the most important and well-known of the classical Hindu theologians. Julius Lipner clearly analyzes Rāmānuja's theory of sacred language and divine predication, his views on the nature of the self, God, and the relationship between infinite and finite being.

In addition to offering new insights into and analyses of religious matters, The Face of Truth exposes the theology of language — the understanding of religious language and God. This is consistent with Lipner's other purpose — the furthering of inter-religious dialogue, especially between Hindu and Christian points of view. Lipner has also translated several technical Sanskrit terms into English, making his point intelligible to non-Sanskrit readers. Drawing together the complex strands of Rāmānujan thought, Lipner succeeds in increasing inter-religious understanding.

Julius Lipner is Lecturer in the Comparative Study of Religion at the University of Cambridge and Fellow and Tutor at St. Edmund's House, Cambridge.