The Haunted History of Pelham, New York

Including Ghostly Tales of The Bronx, Westchester County, and Long Island Sound

By Blake A. Bell

Subjects: New York/regional, Folklore, General Interest, History, American History
Series: Excelsior Editions
Imprint: Excelsior Editions
Paperback : 9781438486741, 238 pages, February 2022

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Table of contents

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Part I: Indigenous American Hauntings

1. Headless Apparitions of the Haunted Cedar Knoll

2. Spirit of the Siwanoy Brave

3. Ghost of the Indian Maiden of Pelhamdale

4. Dark Spirit of the Devil and His Stepping-Stones

Part II: Revolutionary War Specters

5. Shrieking Ghosts of Execution Rocks

6. Ghostly Cow Rustlers of Pelham Road

7. Specter of the British Spy

8. Death March of a Vanishing Spirit

9. Another Vanishing Soldier

Part III: Ghostly Treasure Guards

10. Ghost of Captain Kidd

11. Elegant Lady of the Old Stone House

Part IV: Phantom Ships Off Pelham Shores

12. Fiery Phantom Ship of Long Island Sound

13. Ghostly Gunship of Long Island Sound

14. Ghost Ship Palatine and Its Mad Specter

Part V: Ghosts of the Murdered, Insane, and Suicidal

15. Ghost of Anne Hutchinson

16. Ghost of the Murdered Traveler at Bartow-Pell Mansion

17. Ghost of the Insane Pelham Lover

18. Suicidal Specter of Manger Circle

Part VI: Wailing Ghosts of Pelham

19. Moaning Ghost of Hart Island

20. Shrieking Ghost of Wolfs Lane

Part VII: Pelham Poltergeists

21. Melancholy Apparition of the Old Pelham Farmhouse

22. Phantom Bell Ringer of Christ Church

23. Whispering Bell of Saint Paul's Church

24. Petulant Preacher Poltergeist

25. Poltergeist of Pelhamdale

Part VIII: Haunted Houses and Ghosts of Pelham Mansions

26. Ghost of the Haunted Hardenbrook House

27. Spirits of Bartow-Pell Mansion

28. Ghostly Gardener of Bolton Priory

29. Ghostly Matron of the Manor Club

30. More Ghosts of the Old Stone House

Part IX: Quirky Apparitions and Shadow Ghosts of Pelham

31. Luminous Lantern-Bearer of Baychester and Pelham Bridge

32. Wandering Ghost of the Mad Chemist

33. Little Specter of the Field

34. Floating White Phantom of City Island

35. Faceless Shadow Ghost of City Island

36. Faceless Shadow Ghost of James Street

37. Fiery-Eyed Phantom of Pelham Heights

About the Author

A fascinating fusion of New York history and local folklore sure to send shivers up your spine!


The Haunted History of Pelham, New York is an unusual and fascinating fusion of New York history and folklore. Recognizing that virtually every gripping regional ghost drama springs from kernels of fact, Blake A. Bell weaves spellbinding accounts of ghosts, spirits, and specters together with well-documented context for the stories to help readers understand the actual events and historical developments that underlie each. With nine sections including those on Indigenous American Hauntings, Revolutionary War Specters, Ghostly Treasure Guards, and Phantom Ships off Pelham Shores, Bell relates entertaining and dramatic ghost stories that have been passed from generation to generation as he helps readers understand how local lore came to be and why it is important to an understanding of the region, its culture, and its self-awareness.

Blake A. Bell is the retired Town Historian of Pelham, New York and spent forty years practicing law in New York City. He has served as a member of the Boards of Trustees of the Westchester County Historical Society, the Society of the National Shrine of the Bill of Rights at Saint Paul's Church National Historic Site, and the Pelham Preservation & Garden Society. He also served as Pelham Town Clerk for three years and as a member of the Pelham Town Board for eight years. He is the author of Thomas Pell and the Legend of the Pell Treaty Oak.


"What is most striking about Haunted History is the versatility in which this book might benefit public historians, educators, or just those interested in a good ghost story. There seems to be something in it for everyone … The Haunted History of Pelham, New York, would serve as a welcome addition to the libraries of those who enjoy well-researched and well-told accounts of local and regional histories featuring superstitions, hauntings, and folklore." — Hudson River Valley Review

"The boundary lines and stories of the metropolitan area of New York have changed over the centuries, but The Haunted History of Pelham, New York, as researched and told by author and attorney Blake A. Bell, has made it fascinating, fun, and factual. Filled with numerous historical references, photographs, and maps for the curious and fun for the campfire story in all of us. It also provides detailed information that will help when planning your next family excursion." — Thomas X. Casey, Northwest Bronx and Kingsbridge Historical Society Secretary