The Invasion of Canada by the Americans, 1775-1776

As Told through Jean-Baptiste Badeaux's Three Rivers Journal and New York Captain William Goforth's Letters

Edited by Mark R. Anderson
Translated by Teresa L. Meadows

Subjects: American History
Paperback : 9781438460048, 254 pages, January 2017
Hardcover : 9781438460031, 254 pages, April 2016

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Table of contents

List of Illustrations and Maps
Abbreviations Used in Footnotes
Historical Prelude
Jean-Baptiste Badeaux—A Short Biography
William Goforth—A Short Biography
The Stage—Three Rivers, Quebec, 1775–1776
Translator’s Notes

Summer 1775
September 1775
October 1775
November 1775
December 1775
January 1776
February 1776
March 1776
April 1776
May 1776
June 1776

Notes on the Provenance of Badeaux’s Journal

Appendix 1—The Accounts of the Three Rivers Ursuline Nuns
Appendix 2—Officers and Unit Identification

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Presents never before published and translated Canadian Loyalist and American Patriot first-hand accounts of the Quebec Campaign of the Revolutionary War.


The Invasion of Canada by the Americans, 1775–1776 offers two significant, insightful, and intriguing first-hand accounts of the Revolutionary War. These previously untranslated and unpublished primary sources provide contrasting viewpoints from a Loyalist French-Canadian administrative official, Jean-Baptiste Badeaux, and a Patriot Continental officer, William Goforth. Compelling personal interactions with friends and neighbors, and local and provincial-level leaders—as occupier and occupied—are documented. Their stories climax during the two-month period in early 1776 when Goforth was military governor of Three Rivers and Badeaux served as his somewhat reluctant interpreter and unofficial advisor. Including their experiences with Benedict Arnold and Quebec's Governor Guy Carleton, as well as letters to Benjamin Franklin and John Jay, this unique book provides diverse insights into the invasion of Canada and its immediate impact on the people on both sides of the revolution.

Mark R. Anderson is an independent historian and author of The Battle for the Fourteenth Colony: America's War of Liberation in Canada, 1774–1776. Teresa L. Meadows is Associate Professor of French and Visual and Performing Arts at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.


"Anderson's edited volume is useful for undergraduates and others who are looking for opportunities to work with primary sources but do not have the means for research trips to archives." — H-Net Reviews (H-War)

"...[an] editorial triumph … Essential." — CHOICE