The Making of the National Labor Relations Board

A Study in Economics, Politics, and the Law 1933-1937

By James A. Gross

Subjects: American Labor History
Paperback : 9781438450704, 265 pages, June 1974
Hardcover : 9780873952705, 265 pages, June 1974

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Table of contents



Part One: The Buddha's Psychological Reflections

History of Buddhist Philosophy—An Interpretation

Epistemology and Psychology

The Indian Background

The Buddha's Conception of Personhood

Stream of Consciousness and the Consciousness of Self


The Selfless Self

Emotions and the Foundation of the Moral Life


Analytic Yoga


The Dilemma of Freedom

The Psychology of Freedom

Part Two: Revisions and Resurrections

Psychology in the Abhidharma

Rational Psychology

Nagarjuna and the Madhyamika School

Transcendental Psychology in the Lankavatara

Psychology in the Yogacara

Conclusion: Philosophical Implications

Appendix I: Maitreya's Madhyantavibhaga(Chapter 1, Sanskrit text, translation, and annotation)

Appendix II: Vasubandhu's Vijnaptimatratasiddhi(Sanskrit text, translation, and annotation)




Definitive study of the NLRB as an administrative agency which became one of the most important political and legal developments in the last century as it influenced the growth of a national labor policy and the use of administrative processes and legal methods in U.S. labor relations. Fifty in-depth oral history interviews with individuals prominent in the history of NLRB supplement data from NLRB files and the National Archives.