The Rabbinic Mind

By Max Kadushin

Subjects: Jewish Studies, Religion
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781586840945, 459 pages, January 2001

Explores the wider aspects of the rabbinic mind.


Rabbinic literature is viewed here as an expression of the concepts of the Rabbis, creative concepts that canalized their thinking. This book is concerned chiefly with the wider aspects of the rabbinic mind. It discusses such problems as the transmission of social values, the integration of the self, and the relation of the self to society. It treats such topics as the category of significance, indeterminacy of belief, normal mysticism, the commonplace and the holy, rabbinic dogma, and the relation of rabbinic thought to philosophy. The sources on which these discussions are based are drawn from both the Haggadah and the Halakah.