The Struggle is One

Voices and Visions of Liberation

By Mev Puleo

Subjects: Autobiography, Biography And Memoir
Paperback : 9780791420140, 272 pages, July 1994
Hardcover : 9780791420133, 272 pages, July 1994

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Table of contents

by Robert McAfee Brown



1. Maria da Silva Miguel

2. Salomé Costa

3. Edilson da Silva

4. Goreth Barradas

5. Toinha Lima Barros

6. Lori Altmann

7. Frei Betto

8. Silvia Regina de Lima Silva

9. Carlos Mesters

10. Tereza Cavalcanti

11. Clodovis Boff

12. Leonardo Boff

13. Rubem Alves

14. Ivone Gebara

15. Bishop José Maria Pires

16. Bishop Pedro Casaldáliga

by Robert McAfee Brown

"The People is Poet"
by Maria Miguel

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Mev Puleo is a freelance photojournalist whose work appears primarily in the religious and alternative press. She is currently an advanced degree student in Theology at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley. In addition to having worked as a high school theology teacher and campus minister, she has done volunteer work and has initiated documentary photography projects in Haiti, Brazil, Mexico, and El Salvador. She is a co-author of Faces of Poverty: Faces of Christ.


"If I were to choose a single book by means of which to introduce North Americans to the real meaning of liberation theology, it would be this book. " — From the Foreword, Robert McAfee Brown

"More than any other book I know, Mev Puleo's The Struggle is One, brings alive the world of liberation theology in contemporary Brazil for the North American reader. We meet the men and women from both the educated elites and the desperately poor favelas and rural areas whose burning faith and committed lives are expressed in the continued re-creation of a Christian vision and praxis of prophetic struggle. " — Rosemary Radford Ruether

"While other books on liberation theology help us to understand its significance in terms of doctrine, Mev Puleo's The Struggle is One, a book full of 'living human documents,' leads us right to the heart of its spirituality. " — Henri Nouwen

"In a way that is difficult to find in other forms, Mev Puleo's book, The Struggle is One, presents first hand information by asking incisive questions in a gentle and gracious manner. Members of Christian communities as well as bishops are given a voice. But perhaps what speaks more powerfully are the photographic images. Mev Puleo is an artist who vividly portrays the life and faith of a people. " — Gustavo Gutierrez

"An excellent contribution to liberation theology in Latin America. I strongly recommend it. " — James Cone

"This book puts real faces and vibrant content into liberation theology. " — Harvey Cox