The Theory and Practice of Political Communication Research

Edited by Mary E. Stuckey

Subjects: Speech
Series: SUNY series in Communication Studies
Paperback : 9780791429006, 236 pages, March 1996
Hardcover : 9780791428993, 236 pages, March 1996

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Table of contents

1. Political Communication and the Study of Rhetoric:Persuasion from the Standpoint of Literary Theory and Anthropology
David Lorenzo
2. Political Linguistic Discourse Analysis: Analyzing the Relationships of Power and Language
Kenneth L. Hacker
3. Questioning the Questioners: Cracking Television's Protective Shell and Other Impossible Requirements for Researching the Development of Media Content
Matthew R. Kerbel
4. From Agenda Setting to Priming and Framing: Reflections on Theory and Method
Henry C. Kenski
5. Video Verite: Language and Image in the Interpretation of Power
Bethami A. Dobkin
6. Equal Time Within Televised Presidential Debates
Ronald Milavsky and Jian-Hua Zhu
7. Presidential Rhetoric in Political Time
Mary E. Stuckey
8. Presidential Rhetoric: A Social Constructionist Approach
Andrew Valls
9. Body, Mind, and Soul in the Gulf War Debate
Francis A. Beer and Barry J. Balleck
10. How Past Is Present in Writing International Affairs: Telling the Cambodian Story
G. R. Boynton
11. Toward a Critical Hermeneutic: Methodological Quandaries in Studying Nazi Racial Doctrines
Roy J. Schwartzman

Provides insight into the world of political communication through its explication of theory and research methodology.


Focusing on theoretical and methodological insight, this book brings together scholars from a variety of fields whose research is guided by diverse analytical approaches. Instead of focusing on what divides scholars, the authors explore areas of intellectual community, building a more systematic and rigorous understanding ofpolitical communication. By broadening and deepening understanding of the field, this book provides insight into political processes that would otherwise be lacking.

Mary E. Stuckey is Associate Professor of Political Science at The University of Mississippi. She is author of The President as Interpreter-in-Chief; Getting Into the Game: The Pre-Presidential Rhetoric of Ronald Reagan; and co-author of The New American Presidency (second edition); Leadership and the Bush Presidency: Prudence or Drift in an Era of Change?; and Playing the Game: The Presidential Rhetoric of Ronald Reagan.


"Too often scholars in communication studies and political science fail to attend to the work on political communication done outside their respective fields. This book provides a variety of theoretical perspectives--both qualitative and quantitative. The study of political communication--especially in an age dominated by mass mediated messages--is vital. " -- Patricia A. Sullivan, State University of New York, New Paltz

"The entire book offers straightforward styles of exposition. The chapters on rhetorics of video presentation and foreign affairs distinguish this book from virtually all the vaguely similar works published of late. The authors address different venues of political communication through separate but complementary modes of inquiry. They will be cited time and again by scholars of political communication. " -- John S. Nelson, The University of Iowa