Transforming the Curriculum

Ethnic Studies and Women's Studies

Edited by Johnnella E. Butler & John C. Walter

Subjects: Women's Studies
Paperback : 9780791405871, 341 pages, September 1991
Hardcover : 9780791405864, 341 pages, October 1991

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Table of contents


Laurel Wilkening

Johnnella E. Butler

Part I: Ethnic Studies and Women's Studies: Interrelationships

1. The Difficult Dialogue of Curriculum Transformation: Ethnic Studies and Women's Studies
Johnnella E. Butler

2. Funding Women's Studies
Caryn McTighe Musil and Ruby Sales

3. Private Foundation Grants to American Ethnic Studies Departments and Programs, 1972–1988: Patterns and Prospects
Katharine Bolland and John C. Walter

4. Different Voices: A Model Institute for Integrating Women of Color Into Undergraduate American Literature and History Courses
Johnnella E. Butler and Betty Schmitz

Part II: The Cutting Edge of the Liberal Arts: Some Essentials in Pedagogy and Theory Building

5. Transforming the Curriculum: Teaching About Women of Color
Johnnella E. Butler

6. Teaching "White Women, Racism and Anti-Racism" in a Women's Studies Program
Ruth Frankenberg

7. Gender and the Transformation of a Survey Course in Afro-American History
John C. Walter

8. Black Studies in Liberal Arts Education
Johnnetta B. Cole

9. Towards an Epistemology of Ethnic Studies: African American Studies and Chicano Studies Contributions
R. A. Olguin

10. Is Jewish Studies Ethnic Studies?
Howard Adelman

11. The Politics of Jewish Invisibility in Women's Studies
Evelyn Torton Beck

Part III: The Cutting Edge of the Liberal Arts: Some Implications for Scholarship

12. Gender in the Context of Race and Class
Elizabeth V. Spelman

13. Asian American Literary Traditions: Real vs. Fake
Frank Chin, Jeffery Chan, Lawson Inada, and Shawn Wong

14. Time and Time Again: Notes Toward an Understanding of Radical Elements in American Indian Fiction
Kathryn Shanley

15. The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window: Toward a Transformative Aesthetic
Johnnella E. Butler

16. Armenian American Women: The First Word . . .
Arlene Avakian

Part IV: Ethnic Studies, Women's Studies, and the Liberal Arts Curriculum: Retrospect and Prospect

17. A Black Feminist Perspective on the Academy
Beverly Guy-Sheftall

18. A Critical Assessment of Bloom: The Closing of the American Mind?
Jonathan Majek

19. Praxis and the Prospect of Curriculum Transformation
Johnnella E. Butler and John C. Walter



Johnnella E. Butler is Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of American Ethnic Studies at the University of Washington, Seattle. John C. Walter is Professor in the Department of American Ethnic Studies at the University of Washington, Seattle. Dr. Walter is the author of The Harlem Fox: J. Raymond Jones and Tammany, 1920-1970, published by SUNY Press.


"This book represents a new vision of curricular change in higher education and presents the theoretical and practical bases for accomplishing it. It bridges the gap between women's studies and ethnic studies, two interdisciplinary bodies of knowledge that have provided significant and important pedagogical innovations in the academy; the dialogue between these two fields has the potential to guide thinking about curricular change for faculty in all fields of study." —Betty Schmitz, University of Maryland, College Park

"Universities are being pressured by ethnic groups and women to revise their curricula to reflect ethnic and gender content. This book provides many insights and resources that can be used to help universities to revise their curricula to more accurately depict the experiences of ethnic groups and women. Many of the chapters in the book provide fresh perspectives, new scholarship, and examples of teaching strategies and materials that are effective in integrating content about women and ethnic groups in the university curriculum." —James A. Banks, University of Washington, Seattle