The Art of Guerrilla Television

By Andrew Ingall, Daniel Belasco, Tom Colley, Tom Roe, Sara J. Pasti, David Ross
Edited by Andrew Ingall, and Daniel Belasco

Subjects: Art, Film Studies
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9780692269268, 184 pages, March 2015

Table of contents

1. Preface
David A. Ross
2. Foreword
Sara J. Pasti
3. Videofreex: The Art of Guerrilla Television
Andrew Ingall
4. Freex Out: Art Installations by the Videofreex
Daniel Belasco
5. Out of the Basement and into the World: Preservation of the Videofreex Archive
Tom Colley
6. Videofreex Made Waves Others Still Ride Today
Tom Roe
7. Freexback
Skip Blumberg, Nancy Cain, David Cort, Bart Friedman, Davidson Gigliotti, Dave Jones on Chuck Kennedy, Mary Curtis Ratcliff, Parry Teasdale, Carol Vontobel, Ann Woodward
8. Freexfuture
Artist Biographies
Exhibition Checklist
Selected Bibliography

How a collective of artists, storytellers, and activists exploited the new technology of portable video for creative and political purposes.


Videofreex surveys the history and mythology of the Videofreex, a collective of artists, storytellers, and activists who produced and disseminated alternative media across New York and other US communities during the 1970s. The Videofreex exploited the new technology of portable video as an emerging medium for creative expression and as a democratic tool for disseminating independent points of view in a pre-digital age. By establishing the first pirate television station in the United States, the Videofreex created a base for media education and training as well as a media art center hosting local and international visitors. Many of the core members of the Videofreex are active today as artists and media makers.

Videofreex includes essays examining the historical and cultural scope and legacy of the Videofreex; essays surveying selected art installations by the Videofreex; notes on the videotape preservation of the Videofreex Archive; reflections on one of the author's work with Wave Farm, a contemporary Catskills-based media arts organization with a parallel history to the Videofreex; and essays by Videofreex founding members, reflecting on their collective contributions to art, technology, and community engagement.

Andrew Ingall, Guest Curator, is an independent producer in visual arts, film, and performance. He currently serves as Executive Director of Independent Media Arts Preservation. Daniel Belasco is the Curator of Exhibitions and Programs at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, SUNY New Paltz.