Visions of a New Earth

Religious Perspectives on Population, Consumption, and Ecology

Edited by Harold Coward & Daniel C. Maguire

Subjects: Sociology, Religion, Environmental Studies
Paperback : 9780791444580, 248 pages, November 1999
Hardcover : 9780791444573, 248 pages, November 1999

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Table of contents


Chapter 1 Introduction
Daniel C.  Maguire

Chapter 2 The Religion of the Market
David R. Loy

Chapter 3 Sustainability and the Global Economy
David C. Korten

Chapter 4 Self as Individual and Collective: Ethical Implications
Harold Coward

Chapter 5 New Theology on Population, Ecology, and Overconsumption from the Catholic Perspective
Alberto Munera, S. J.

Chapter 6 The Lost Fragrance: Protestantism and the Nature of What Matters
Catherine Keller

Chapter 7 The Promises of Exiles: A Jewish Theology of Responsibility
Laurie Zoloth

Chapter 8 "One Tree is Equal to Ten Sons": Some Hindu Responses to the Problems of Ecology, Population, and Consumerism
Vasudha Narayanan

Chapter 9 An Islamic Response to the Manifest Ecological Crisis: Issues of Justice
Nawal H. Ammar

Chapter 10 Toward a Buddhist Environmental Ethic
Rita M. Gross

Chapter 11 Chinese Religions on Population, Consumption, and Ecology
Chun-fang Yu

Chapter 12 African Religions and the Global Issues of Population, Consumption, and Ecology
Jacob K. Olupona

Chapter 13 Conclusion: An Interreligious Common Front and Common Hope
Paul F. Knitter

About the Authors


Brings together world religion scholars and creative international economists to address the current eco-crisis.


One of the most significant topics of our time is the current eco-crisis of overpopulation, overconsumption (often called "affluenza"), and environmental degradation. In Visions of a New Earth, eight world religion scholars and two creative international economists address these linked problems by bringing religious perspective into conversation with economics. They conclude that religion and other cultural forces must be mobilized to force humankind toward an epochal birthing of bio-reverence. Traditions discussed include Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Chinese, Native American, and African religions.

Contributors include Nawal H. Ammar, Harold Coward, Rita M. Gross, Catherine Keller, Paul F. Knitter, David C. Korten, David R. Loy, Daniel C. Maguire, Alberto Múnera, S. J., Vasudha Narayanan, Jacob K. Olupona, Chün-fang Yü, and Laurie Zoloth.

Harold Coward is the Director of the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society and Professor of History at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He has authored and edited numerous books, including most recently Traditional and Modern Approaches to the Environment on the Pacific Rim: Tensions and Values, published by SUNY Press. Daniel C. Maguire is Professor of Ethics at Marquette University and the coauthor, with Larry L. Rasmussen, of Ethics for a Small Planet: New Horizons on Population, Consumption, and Ecology, published by SUNY Press.


"Each scholar addresses the issues directly and in a penetrating way. Thus, although they represent a wide range of backgrounds, there is a unity of approach. The quality of reflection and writing are notable; there are good insights in virtually every chapter, more than enough to stimulate fresh thinking. This book successfully makes the point that the voice of religion must be heard in these crucial discussions that will determine our planet's future. " — Roland E. Miller, Luther Seminary

"This is a very important book that should be required reading for anyone involved in studying the global economy, comparative perspectives in government policies, and any course dealing with the relationship between economy, ecology, and ethics. The informed general public would also find it useful. " — Robert M. Garvin, University at Albany, State University of New York